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Well I hate to say I told you so, but I did say that you'd win at least one of the catagories +Nicolai McCrary.
Haha thanks +Gino Barasa - I lucked out with a couple of these shots, but very happy to put my new prizes to good use!
Nah. You weren't lucky. To be honest I thought you had 2 or 3 of the best images I saw. Your work is really good all the time.
Congrats man! This is a classic Nicolai McCrary shot!
I'm curious as to when this one was taken, as +Sheighla Friel and I stopped by The Driskoll an hour or two after the photowalk and one of the horses had a little plastic spaceman on its head. Did anyone else capture that one?
+Eric Martindale - this was taken probably an hour after the photowalk ended. We headed into the driskill for drinks after the walk,and I took this one right as we were leaving the driskill. I must have missed the spaceman!
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