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Google+ Local results in Google-SERPs drops review lightbox

Until yesterday a click on a review link on a Google+ Local result in the main Google SERPs would open a lightbox without taking the user to another URL. This has changed now: Clicking on review links on a Google+ Local result in the main Google SERPs now opens the Google+ Local page URL.

In cases where you have a reviews link and a seperate Google+ page link now both links take you to the Google+ Local page URL.

This change seems to be preparatory to release a new way to insert the Google+ Local results into the main Google-SERPs. A screenshot from a recent test can be found in a blog post by +Mike Blumenthal

The yellow marked links in the attached screenshot of a local search query are now linked to the Google+ Local page (like the links next to them)

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That's a great spot +Nicolai Helling I never really understood why Google showed that reviews popup rather than taking folks directly to a business G+ Page anyway. 
Thanks for tagging me +Nicolai Helling I need to check my notification settings cuz never got a ping. Just saw Mike's new post and followed the link here. Anyway good catch. Seems like more changes are coming!
Time for businesses to start getting some nice cover photos!
It only works for US results - not for german/european. But great - cause sometimes you get stuck also on mobile cause tehre is no link to the full information (but the poeple want)
Go Google GO! :Great, that someone from the Usability-Lab told them to do something.
As mentioned by +Mike Blumenthal  in his post yesterday, I'm seeing it for local search terms in the UK but not for branded searches - those are still going to the light box for me.  So 'keyword in town' takes me through to the g+ page but 'name of business in town' produces the lightbox.
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