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It's been awhile since I last updated my Episerver blog. After two years of Episerver development, I am still learning a lot!

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31 out of 36! Apparently I can read people through their eyes.

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Embedding a Youtube Video on EPiServer
Several pages in our website require embedded Youtube videos. So I created a Youtube block that accepts the following Content properties: 1. Title 2. Description 3. Embed link While it's Settings properties are: 1. Width 2. Height 3. Allow Full Screen 4. Au...

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How to Create an RSS Feed in EPiServer, ASP.NET MVC
Thanks to Ted and a guy from CodeInside for your blogs which helped come up with this solution. Problem : Create an RSS feed for ASP.NET MVC Website with EPiServer Solution : We need three things 1. RssResult class 2. RssPage page type 3. RssPageController ...

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EPiServer 7.x vs EPiServer 8
I was tasked to find out whether our current active license for CMS 7 will still work with EPiServer 8. So I did some research and thought of sharing it here as well. Summary Version : ·           Good news – Our 7.x license will continue to work for EPiSer...

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haha one of the best ads I've seen recently!

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Int64 / Long / Bigint Property is not supported in EPiServer 8
Yes, you read it right. You can't have a model property of type Int64 / long. I came across an issue where in I have a model that requires to store an Id (from the database) as one of it's properties. It so happens that most tables we have at work go by an ...
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