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Nicola Anne Jones (Rev. Nicola)
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Moving to day. Goodbye East Side, Goodbye Public Housing.

Hello West Side!
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Here is the thing about dating and sex in this day and age. I know 100% I can land someone who is mainstream hot. I know 100% I can land a Doctor or other proffesional. Heck I was involved with a Doctor who looked like Prince Harry, wanted to buy me things, and liked everything about me.

So don't think I choose someone because they deem to notice me despite my weight, or because they do things for me, or have money.

If I want someone I find them attractive based on their kind eyes and warm heart. The things we have in common, the intelligent conversations. How you make me laugh or smile.

Not how many women want to bang you, or what you can do for me. Its not about sex or even not being alone.

Its finding you to be someone I can be alone with. Finding you to be worth my time. My effort.

Perfectly imperfect.

And don't ever think for one moment despite being fully aware I could have some weathier, more physically fit, more demonstrative, more socially acceptable...that if I choose you ...if I say I am yours even for a moment I do so because in that moment you are worth it.

And if we date a week or two months, I fully gave you the chance to win my heart.

And if I give you my means I saw in you something beyond precious. Be it beautifully broken, your soul spoke to me.

And I won't ever deny how much you meant to me. 
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What is more I do know my value. I might fake confidence, but I know my strengths. I know my weaknesses. Yes, I am beautfully broken myself. I have been a victim and live with the scars of that. I have self-esteem issues that manifest at odd times and odd ways. I push people away. I wear this mask.

Yes I am 100% Omnisexual. That does not mean I am not traditional or conservative in my own ways.

I am pro-life; but I support a woman's right to choose.

I belive divorce is only for abusive relationships.

I belive in wooing, courting.

That does not mean I want gifts. It means I want pretty words backed by actions.

Even if I am not your only...nor you mine...we should feel like the most important person in the world.
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I think I convince myself that I am strong, because I have no choice but to be. I don't like thinking about the past, I really don't.  I know it doesn't seem that way if you read all my past entries on here.  I seem rather obsessive sometimes.  But, I only ...
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Cattell's 16 Personality Factors Test
Warmth 2.7   / Warmth is how nice to people you are. Low scorers are impersonal,
distant, cool, reserved, detached, formal and aloof. High scorers are
outgoing, attentive to others, kindly, easy-going, participating and
like people. [ less ] Reasoning 3....
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Will be with out internet or phone for the foreseeable future.

Pretty much, if you want to reach me, you have to show up at my door...since even the mail rarely gets delivered where I live.
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I am really, really saddened by the state of the world these days. The backwards racist thinking; the sexist, homophobic sentiment. The anti-scientific mentality. And worse of all the utter hypocrisy and lack of love for our fellow man. Are there bad people, bad cops, bad parents, and so on in the world? Of course there are. But society is more than the individual. I have always felt that the measure of a man (or woman) was in their own actions not in the color of their skin, the clothes they wear, or the opportunities that they were given. Horrible things happen because as a society the value of taking personal responsibility is diminished. The blame game, lawsuits, and quick get rich schemes are the more acceptable than saying 'mea culpa'. When someone does take accountability for their actions they are vilified and it is used against them. The very ideals that the majority religions preach, that of love and forgiveness are rejected and the charity to others becomes lip service as such things as homelessness and hunger become criminalized!
I am not nor will I ever be a conservative. I am not now will I ever be a liberal. I cannot in good conscious agree with either Democrats or Republicans. I am pro-gun regulations, pro-civil liberties, pro-universal healthcare and education. I am anti-government overreach into family and personal body matters. I am anti-corporate person-hood, anti-GMO I am pro-common sense and logical reasoning.
I don't care what you think of Obama. He IS our President. I am sick of all of the 'pro-gun' posts,. no one is trying to take your guns unless you are a sick crazy sonofabitch. I don't care if you smoke weed, as long as you don't wave it in my face! And I am very very tired of Police Bashing.
And I think if we each had to take personal responsibility for our actions, and stopped spreading propaganda all day long on social media, the world would be a much better place.
Feel free to share this if you agree.
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Dear Internet,

   Just because someone is also a Jones, does not make them a relative.   I have NO IDEA who half the people the internet claims I am related to.  I wish the US Post office would also comprehend this.   I DO NOT KNOW a Ronald Jones.  I have no contact with the Jones side of my family anywhere, regardless. 

And I have never lived in PA. 

I don't really care if you know most of the so called private information available on line.  OH NO...all my dorm addresses over the 3 years in Tiffin!  Even if you have my actual physical address, doesn't mean you can find my home. 
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So I am and have always been lousy at tweeting, cannot grasp the tumbler, and always forget to cross-post to g+  But today was a very active posting day for me on facebook..... if you are on my personal profile not public

to summarize here:

Anti-Vaxers=crazy nut jobs

girl gamers= rock on!

and a bunch of funny shit to lighten the mood because the measles outbreak and gamergate is pissing me off.
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This weekend, a man wearing a skull mask posted a video on YouTube outlining his plans to murder me. I know his real name. I documented it and sent it to law enforcement, praying something is finally done. I have received these death threats and 43 others in the last five months.  This experience
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Jill of many trades. Single mom of 2 special needs kids
Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Writer, Make-Up Artist, Model, Natal Charts, Spell and Ritual Design
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Cleveland, Ohio
Orange Village, Ohio - Sun Prarie, Wisconson - Bedford, Ohio - Middlefield, Ohio - Tiffin, Ohio - Parma, Ohio - Burton, Ohio - Cleveland Heights, Ohio - Madison, Wisconson
Don't you DARE call me Nikki....
blah...blah blah blah...blah blah

Yeah...I have epic stories from my life.
I have pretty crappy things that happened too.
I write things.
I am a geek a freak and totally sweet.

I am always surprised when someone knows who I am...yet I have never met them.

Bragging rights
Mother of two, both kids are special needs. Son is on the Autism Spectrum. Won lots of accademic awards once upon a time. Ordained Minister, Reiki Master.
  • Heidelberg College (Now called Heidelberg University)
    Anthropology and Psychology, Honors Program, 1998 - 2001
    Honors Program. Additional concentrations in History, Religion, and Philosophy. Won Outstanding First Year Psychology Student 1998/99 Year. Field School at Johnson's Island Worked as office assistant for Dr. G. Michael Pratt Worked as research assistant for Dr. Wallace E. Dixon
  • Lake Erie College- Ohio
    Psychology, 2006 - 2007
  • Lakeland Community College - Ohio
    Associates of Arts in Humanities, 2005 - 2006
  • Cuyahoga Community College
    Gen-Ed's, 2001
    Took two courses that were not required at Heidelberg.
  • Orange High School
    Cum Laude, 1998
    AP Government AP Economics Four years of Latin, won Silver Metal in the National Latin Exam
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