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Nicky Pasquier

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Hi +Nina Trankova, I don't mind sharing these beautiful photos with everyone.

This was from our trip to Assos, Kefalonia last year. We hired a car & went exploring! It was quite a way down off the tops of the mountains but so worth it.

I've never seen such a beautiful location & we had a very relaxing lunch under the olive trees.

Bliss 😎

#Greece #kefalonia 
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OK +Nicky Pasquier why don't we meet up in Greece instead? I"m hankering to go somewhere where I haven't been for a while (instead of London) and Greece is high on that list.

These are lovely photos (you did share them with me before). Sigh.......
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Nicky Pasquier

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Tuesday Twitter Tips

Earlier this year Twitter and Google joined forces: the result being that the content of tweets is now searchable on mobile.  

So start getting smart when you use Twitter for business.

Consider what prospective clients are searching for and tailor your tweets accordingly.

For a deeper dive into the subject you might want to read +David Amerland's article, "How your Twitter Activity Affects your Visibility in Semantic Search" >> 

#SEO   #twittertips   #marketing   #twittermarketing  
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Nicky Pasquier

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FREE Opportunity for All UK Small Businesses & Start-ups!

➣ Are you a small business or startup?

➣ Are you interested in having the most awesome publicity your small business can possibly get this year?

➣ How about having your business URL splashed across social media platforms for a whole day - just for you?

➣ How does having your business promoted by the local press sound?

All these are within your reach via +Small Business Saturday UK

Want to know more? Come to one of THREE talks being held by Alison at +Sales Coaching Solutions this week:-

• 1st July, 2.30 - 4.30pm at Bristol Engine Shed

• 2nd July, 3 - 5pm, at Inspire (The Enterprise Network, Wessex Chambers of Commerce) offices, Trowbridge

• 3rd July, 7.30am - 9am, UTC Swindon

Details & FREE tickets >>

#Bristol   #Swindon   #Wiltshire   #SmallBiz   #Business   #SmallBizSatUK   #Startups  
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Nicky Pasquier

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Happy Armed Forces Day 🇬🇧  🇬🇧

Very proud to be British today and associated with the wonderful RAF.  

Take it away Royal Marines Band !! 

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Nicky Pasquier

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To be on Facebook or Not to be on Facebook

Here's a question I'm sure a lot of businesses might have asked themselves at some stage since Facebook started to reduce organic reach.

Do I keep my FB page or not?

Frankly I don't get a huge amount of engagement.  

This year I started to upload marketing videos direct to FB in the hope that I might do a little better and admittedly my first video reached 2,000+ people.  After that, however, results did a nose dive despite me using exactly the same strategy - so there was no tangible reason for less engagement. 

I'm doing very well on Twitter, G+ of course, Instagram is good and LinkedIn is ... well, boring but worth being on.  

I think I could well do without FB but wanted to run it past you all for your views before I hit "DELETE"!  

Thanks in advance for your opinions. 

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+Nicky Pasquier  I am in the same boat with my Facebook Fan Page, but I am not going to press delete. I am going to listen to the sounds of crickets. I am ok with it. Something will change and most business owners I talk to feel the same way. 
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Nicky Pasquier

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Case Study: How Colour Psychology Improved our Website
via +Moz 

"Changing a button holding call-to-action (CTA) text from green to yellow resulted in a 187.4% increase in conversions on our website." 

Find out what else +Moz discovered! 

#VisualContent   #Psychology   #SocialMediaMarketing   #businesstips  
Is it time to test your website's calls-to-action? The results will almost certainly surprise you.
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Nicky Pasquier

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Why People Like, Share, and Comment on Facebook [Infographic]
Via +HubSpot
Understanding reasons behind why people like using Facebook will help you generate more Facebook traffic. Learn why people use Facebook and the valuable information marketers can learn from it.
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Nicky Pasquier

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Facebook Content Marketing Time-Bomb

➤ You really do need to read this very interesting article from +Mark Schaefer.

It seems that both Facebook & LinkedIn are interested in only two things:-

a) collecting more personal information about you so …

b) they can charge advertisers for targeted display ads.

Doesn't surprise me but read the rest here >>

#facebookmarketing   #linkedinmarketing   #Inbound   #business  
The direction of inbound leads is turning outward as the Facebook content strategy requires content on their site.
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Nicky Pasquier

• Introduce Yourself  - 
Thanks so much for allowing me to join this fabulous Community!

By way of an introduction I'm a small biz from the UK; I won my first National award last year and I now represent Small Business Saturday UK going forward.  

I have a passion for start-ups & helping them succeed.

My business specialises in social media set-up & management, 
marketing and visual content in particular.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all from now on!

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Welcome +Nicky Pasquier​!! Glad to meet you here as well! 
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Nicky Pasquier

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Monday Motivation

If you're unhappy with your life >> CHANGE IT!

Don't wait for good things to fall in your lap >> FIND THEM! 

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Absolutely but so often they don't +Michael Dadourian ;)
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Nicky Pasquier

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Shake up your Marketing with Visuals
10 Brands Share what Works

+Donna Moritz, the Queen of Visual Content, interviewed 10 brands to discover how they've achieved exceptional results by trying something new or different with visuals. 

A fabulous SlideShare!

#SlideShare   #visualcontent   #visualmarketing   #contentstrategy   #marketing   #business  
Shake Up Your Marketing With Visuals – 10 Brands Share What WorksEdit Entry Twitter 0Facebook 0LinkedIn 0 inShare Google+ 0Pin It Share 0Buffer 0 0 FLARES If you are marketing online then you have no doubt thought about (or tried) adding visuals to your marketing mix. Whether you jump in to create some shareable images, or assets like SlideShare, videos or infographics – visual content gets results. In this post, we share how 10 Brands have achie...
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Nicky Pasquier

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This week I was really excited to be invited to test a new design tool from Snappa - you can find them here >> 

It's currently running in Beta but it looks like it might be incredibly useful and very easy for small businesses to use.

Again, it's all about creating enticing and captivating visual content in order to:-

➤  Attract the attention of prospective clients online;
➤  Generate interest;
➤  Drive traffic to your website;
➤  Ultimately create more leads.  

This applies as much to #B2B  as it does to #B2C , although businesses selling products will always have a slight edge over services when it comes to visual marketing.  

Take a look at Snappa over on Twitter:@SnappaIO& ask for a test drive!  

#VisualMarketing   #Visualcontent   #smallbiztips   #marketing   #businesstips  
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It's in Beta at the moment +Matt Pentecost​ but once they've rolled out all the whistles & bells it'll be wonderful! 
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Founder of Virtuoso Assistant
Social media ✢ visual content ✢ marketing ✢ B2B blogging ✢ Virtual PA services
  • Virtuoso Assistant
    Founder, 2013 - present Founder of Virtuoso Assistant: professional and cost-effective virtual assistants providing small business owners & entrepreneurs with essential online PA services & specialist, niche skills
Basic Information
Award-winning business support services ✭ social media ✭ visual content ✭ content marketing ✭ blogging
Virtuoso Assistant is an award-winning, professional team of virtual assistants, providing core online PA services to small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance workers.

We offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to hiring staff which will save you save time and money. 

Everyday Virtuoso are happy to help you with:-

➤  Email, telephone & diary management
➤  Document production
➤  Transcription
➤  Booking appointments & travel arrangements
➤  Processing client appointments, bookings & online payments 
➤  Professional note-taking for formal hearings (law / HR)

Specialist Services

At Specialist Virtuoso we offer the following niche services:-

✭   Social media set-up, management & strategy
✭   Visual marketing
✭   Landing page design & set-up
✭   SEO optimisation
✭   Blogging for business

If you'd like to find out how I can help your business, why not email me, Nicky, at . 

Come and join us over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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The Warwickshire Outsourcing Centre is a wonderfully reliable business and Kerry Field, Director, runs an extremely efficient ship! I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
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