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Plan your Social Media Strategy like a Chess Pro!

+Carrie-Anne Foster has some great tips here about why you shouldn't just post randomly onto social media channels and hope for the best.

You need to have a strategy in place like Gary  Kasparov!

See what Carrie suggests you should do here --
12 No Nonsense Tips To A Successful Social Media Strategy

When professional chess players sit down to play a game, they don’t just wing it. They have a plan.

They have a strategy.

Social media is no different. If you want to see great results from your social media activity, you need to have a successful social media strategy.

In this post, I go over 12 tips that will get you started with planning your social media strategy.

Read It Here:

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Easy to follow tips to create a successful social media strategy that works for you.
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You're very welcome +Carrie-Anne Foster ;) 
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Today I'm going to set out three reasons why email marketing campaigns are essential to business

I'm also going to introduce to you a lovely lady who is an expert in email marketing - Kate Barrett from +Shine a Light Media.

Kate will be able to show you exactly how to begin your email marketing campaigns, why they're so important, how you can grow your client base and how to set up automated emails.  

Get the details here --➤ 

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  Last week I said that content marketing without a blog was a bit like trying to imagine Wimbledon without that bowl of strawberries and cream. Just as a day out at Wimbledon isn't really com...
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Hello All!

Thanks for inviting me to this community, +Solopress.  It's great to be amongst other design addicts!

Just out of interest, what do you all use to create visual content for business?  

Do you have a favourite app, for instance, for quick posts on Instagram, or is there something you tend to use everyday as part of your visual content creation?

Personally I couldn't do without Canva & PicMonkey to turn what would first appear to be incredibly dull stock photos into colourful, branded images.

Here's one I created earlier for one of my clients - 
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We use Photoshop and Illustrator to create custom artwork for our business and our print and design clients,, and occasionally Canva for social media and blog post content.
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Has the UK National Rail Enquiries just had their own #Oreo #SuperBowl moment?!


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Mmm is this marketing from another dimension +Nicky Pasquier ? Maybe the social team just blew a few valves.
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Don't forget to use unique and branded images with tweets in order to make your brand super-visible online, generate interest and create new business leads!  

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Do you have a small business?

Are you looking for an extra pair of hands on an 'ad hoc' basis to help with:-

➢  emails
➢  diary management
➢  chasing or paying invoices
➢  document production?

We can help!!

We offer professional, online PA services to help small businesses manage their days.  We can support you on an 'as-and-when' basis so you can control your budget.

Why not call us today (0118 930 6968) or send us an email to

What have you got to lose?  

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Thanks +Nicky Pasquier shall have a look too. It's lovely to relax, hope you are too and we had a few flakes of snow this morning! :)
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Relationships: the Foundation of Business

+Wade Harman is an expert when it comes to building relationships online.  Without a 'fan base' there's nobody to support you or spread the word about your business, no one who will share your content. 

Read Wade's top tips for better online relationships and start creating that solid foundation.  

Plus - pin a fantastic Infographic to Pinterest! 

#businesstips   #marketing  
How To Build Relationships
Relationship marketing is a tried and true process for social media and we have to start realizing that this is an important part of your strategy. Building relationships can be the foundation on which your business thrives. It's not about you or your site, but about what you and your site (and content) can do to help those around you. Those people that are relevant to you.

How Is This Done?

Many people prefer to do this a couple of different ways, however the infographic below (that can also be found in a full article here: is some of the best ways that I have found that work quickly and efficiently for my business.

We've got to show people how relevant our brand is to their business, and even more importantly, how we can help them.

Take some time to rethink your relationship marketing strategy and what your business can do that is awesome for someone else!

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Thank you +Nicky Pasquier​
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✦ Are you standing out from the crowd online?

✦ Are you generating enough interest in your brand to win new business leads?

You need to be GRABBING EYEBALLS with unique & branded images that really stand out, encourage social sharing and drive traffic to your website.

Not the creative type?  Don't have the time? Unsure how to brand images?

We've got it covered!  

For more information about how we can help boost your online presence click here --➤, or email us direct at

#visualmarketing   #visualcontent   #visualcontentcreation   #smallbiz   #marketing   #business   #biztips   #smallbiz  
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Thank you +VE People! 
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So this afternoon I joined one of +James Dearsley's fantastic Mid Week Marketing Mix HOAs. 

One of his guests was +Ryan Hanley who recommended that, in order to have a successful marketing strategy, you must also have online 'fan base' to support and help promote your content.

This really resonated with me and I'm looking forward to reading Ryan's book, "Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online"

To buy your copy just click over to Amazon --➤ 

#marketingtips   #contentstrategy   #content  
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+Nicky Pasquier thanks for the share of this!!
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Mid-Week Marketing Mix with +James Dearsley 

Will you be going?

James' Marketing Mix is such an enjoyable occasion - relaxed discussions and wonderful guests.

Join in this afternoon at 5pm (GMT) for some tips and advice from the experts!  

#marketing   #marketingtips  
The Mid Week Marketing Mix - bringing you the latest social and digital marketing news by the most influential and/or opinionated guests  

This week we are joined by +Greg Cooper and +Nazim Beltran We always have a special guest and this week we have the pleasure of +Ryan Hanley talking about his book "Content Warfare" which has just been released

We have a structured format - which you can see below that hopefully allows you to get the most out of the Hangout. 


Accessing extra links we reference in the show:

We use the Showcase App to give you all the information we are talking about and extra links for you to find out more - If you are watching this outside of Google+ please click the “Click here to Join the Conversation” button on the lower left side of the video screen - you will not join actually join the conversation (!) but will find the links we are talking about. 

Asking Questions or commenting: 

If you are watching this in Google+ you will see a small square with diagonal arrow above the head of the panel. Do Click that and it will open the video in a new window. Then you will be able to comment on the discussions on the event page. 

If you are watching this on a website then please either tweet us a question using #MarketingMix as a hashtag OR should the website have an e-mail below the Hangout video please fill that in and will bring it into the conversation


There will be 4 or 5 segments, each between 10 to 15 minutes long. Depending on the guests we have on we may cover topics such as

1/ Google+
2/ Other Social Platforms
3/ SEO/Content Marketing
4/ PPC or other paid advertising
5/ Video Marketing and Hangouts
6/ Special Guest slot – book launch, influential website owner or influencer
This Hangout On Air is hosted by James Dearsley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Mid Week Marketing Mix
Wed, February 25, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Hi +Nicky Pasquier yes, indeed, it's really a good opportunity to meet like minded people thru HOA, I like the way in which people conduct HOA. this is really a wonderful media to stay. Nice speaking to you, Yes, nice that I met you thru the HOA. Keep in touch
~ Philip
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A Winning Business Combination

Content marketing is becoming increasingly popular with marketers in order to generate new business leads and increase brand awareness.

Not everyone does it well, however - 

"62% of marketers' content is failing although brands' content has doubled" - via the +Content Marketing Institute.  

Find out how to make your blog an integral part of your content marketing strategy for that winning business combination --➤

#content   #contentmarketing   #contentmarketingstrategy   #business   #smallbiz   #blogging   #bloggingtips  
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Virtuoso Assistant is an award-winning, professional team of virtual assistants, providing core online PA services to small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance workers.

We offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to hiring staff which will save you save time and money. 

Everyday Virtuoso are happy to help you with:-

➤  Email, telephone & diary management
➤  Document production
➤  Transcription
➤  Booking appointments & travel arrangements
➤  Processing client appointments, bookings & online payments 

Specialist Services

At Specialist Virtuoso we offer the following niche services:-

✭   Professional note-taking (for Lawyers or HR Consultants, for example)
✭   Social media set-up, management & strategy
✭   Visual marketing
✭   Landing page design & set-up
✭   SEO optimisation
✭   Blogging for business

Business Magazine

In addition, Nicky Pasquier [Founder of Virtuoso Assistant] writes a monthly magazine, "Virtually News" which is aims to provide start-ups, entrepreneurs & small business owners with targeted business information, recommended services, products and networking groups, and the latest social media & marketing tips from influential writers. 

If you'd like to find out how I can help your business, why not email me, Nicky, at . 

Come and join us over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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