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Nicky Jameson
A Brit who lives in Toronto, Urban Photographer, PM
A Brit who lives in Toronto, Urban Photographer, PM


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And for my UK peeps - Merry Christmas! :-)
Card created by Nicky Jameson

Post has attachment I've not been around for some time, but I have been busy! Here's wishing you all the best. I created this Holiday card to say Happy Hols :-)

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What I am doing now ;-)
Still creating. Still dreaming. Nicky x
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I recently revamped my shop at the Arts Market Leslieville. Last year I had success with my metal prints, so this year I've brought them. They look gorgeous and they immediately draw the eye. Talk about cutting edge! This year I have the Music Garden, Toronto Waterfront, in Fall palette, Quiet Street in Bishopsgate, London, UK and King St West in Toronto. I have also gone large with my framed prints, and I am exploring even more creative projects. With everything going on in the world today we need art (and local artists) in our lives more than ever.

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Quiet Street in Bishopsgate

Since being back from England it's been so busy...where has the time gone? Now getting my affordable wall art prints ready for Christmas and Holidays at the Arts Market, and my 2nd Solo show next year. Balancing marketing and finding clients (well worth the effort) with creating art is something that had me making choices about where to spend my time, but I hope to be able to post my blog posts when I do them. In the meantime, hoping you are all doing well.

Quiet Street in Bishopsgate is a photo where I express how awesome it was to come across a perfectly quiet street, perfect lines and delicious architecture in the heart of busy London - unbelievably it was 4.30pm and I discovered New Broad St on  one of my walks! My mission in my Fine Art Photography is to convey a sense of place, of being in the scene, contemplating and feeling how it all works together. I imagined I heard the hallelujah chorus when I come upon this scene. 
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* My photograph, "Winter on Toronto Waterfront...Bathurst Quay" to feature in Waterfront BIA 2 Year Exhibit along the Waterfront!! 

My photo has been selected to feature in the Waterfront BIA Outdoor Photography Exhibit starting Friday 4th September 2015 to Monday 4th September 2017! That is SO cool. It's one of 114 that will line the new revitalized Waterfront along Queen's Quay from Yonge St to Bathurst St. They are going to be 5ft x 2ft vinyl banners hanging on hydro poles. Read all about it - and I hope you'll come and see all the photos.
#torontowaterfront, #waterfrontbia  #queensquay #nickyjameson   #photography   #urbanphotography  

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Lanterns and the Elizabeth Tower, Westminster Bridge, London
So I heard yesterday that my photograph "Winter Morning on Toronto Waterfront, Bathurst Quay has been selected to be one of 100 photographs selected to be in an exhibition along Toronto's new Waterfront from Yonge St to Bathurst. Holy Moley, that's cool!
It gets better...the photos will be 5ft  x 2ft and the the exhibition will run from September 4th 2015 to September 2017!! What a terrific way to adorn our lovely Toronto Waterfront.

In other news, summer has been wonderful and quite busy and I'm pleased to say I've sold some more of my photography prints in the Arts Market Leslieville. Revamped my gallery wall and am experimenting with unframed matted prints (I much prefer framing them personally). Last Saturday attended a fund raiser for Black Do Rescue at the Arts Market... I donated two of my prints to the auction. All in all a fun evening, and lots more news to come.  With so many images from my London trip that I've not done and with an upcoming trip in September I really do need to get weaving on post for many of my shots as you can bet I am going to be adding many more. #fineartphotography   #nickyjameson   #toronto   #londonphotography   #summertime

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Elizabeth Tower and Lanterns on Westminster Bridge
We can take places for granted. As well as I know London and as much as I see the beautiful architecture and street furniture, my photograph of the lanterns and the Elizabeth Tower (famously known as Big Ben although Big Ben is the name of the Great Bell of the clock tower not the tower itself) caused me to really see the intricate details, architecture and colours. Travelling "beyond the photograph to the feelings it evokes."
#londonphotography  , #elizabethtower  , #bigben   #fineartphotography   #nickyjameson  

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Humber River at the Old Mill, by Nicky Jameson
One of my latest creations. I am loving this extension of feeling, seeing what's possible, what's just around the corner...
The river was so shallow I found myself hoping for rain.
Perhaps in answer to that we had a huge thunderstorm that evening, which had been a long time coming. 
Read Humber River at the old Mill on the blog... and check out my spiffy new slideshow portfolio photo gallery

July has been a great month for my art sales, and best of all are the stories from the collectors as to why they are purchasing a particular piece...the connection from their stories makes me feel great. Because isn't the whole point of art, of photography, to make a connection?
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