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Nickademus Hollon
Professional Endurance Athlete and Entrepreneur
Professional Endurance Athlete and Entrepreneur

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How do you endure the airport? Here are my best tricks and tips on making it through a long day of travel!

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Cruel Jewel 100: Spiders, Bears and a Course Record!
Prologue: After a less then optimal
performance (for myself) at the HURT 100 in January, I’d been leery to enter
into another 100 miler. I felt like I couldn’t
let myself race without expecting a win, a podium or a course record. I’d lost
sight of why I lov...

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HURT 100 2016: Character and Kukui Nuts
My appetite was fierce and insatiable.  My expectations boiled with desire.  Greed and egotism trickled out of my pores and down my arm.  My fists clenched tight  Nervously choking my hiking poles at the start line of the race.  Splits.  Dictated my mood.  ...

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World's Toughest Mudder 2015: Of Teams and the Individual
  The winds whipped and howled
against the tent wall, the dustpocalypse was in full bloom. My hopes and my
motivation dissolved into oblivion amongst my chattering teeth and shivering
corpse. I wasn’t going back out. I couldn’t do it. WTM 2014, Barkley

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Fat Dog 120: Lightning-Rain-Fog and a Course Record
**Please note Jade’s Crew report
will be italics throughout this race report** Months before In November 2014, I dropped out of World’s Toughest Mudder
(WTM). On the fringes of adrenal failure from Tor des Geants, my weakened body
couldn’t handle the demand...

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An authentic update on my book
Title in the works still, tentatively: Ultra-Souls Climbing mountains and managing the 100 in 100 project, one of the many things I do on the weekend, besides avoid writing my book. The last few weeks have been a real turn around point for me working on my ...

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Santa Rosa Ridge Traverse: More cactus than you can swing a bush at!
Santa Rosa Traverse: 41.8 miles Number of Peaks: 5 Elevation Gain: 14,755ft Lowest/Highest point: Sea Level (Salton Sea)/ 8,717ft (Toro
Peak) Previous FKT: 1.5 days (Toro Peak to Highway S-22) Our FKT: 19hrs and 59min’s (Highway S-22 to Highway 74) Santa Ro...
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