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Nicholas Webster and/or Etheral Studios are not responsible for destroying your wireless router ;-)
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Oh, sorry that didn't seem to be very clear. On the codeplex page maybe you would like to say exactly that. It seems great. They have similar services in the US and having one here would be great. Is there anyway I can help?
+Joshua Duthie Okay, I'll update the codeplex page and yes there is a way for you to help. Basically WiN will attach to any WiFi network it is running on and every computer/phone on that network running WiN can text/call each other. Of course if say I set up a WiN network around town and I wanted to SMS someone on a WiN network around Hataitai I can use eWiN to send the message. eWiN lets you send a message/place a call across multiple WiN certified networks and is an extra for WiN which will have a low fee. Basically the idea of WiN is to have multiple mesh networks that covers whole suburbs that can communicate with other WiN mesh networks via eWiN. So what would be a huge help to the whole WiN project is for you to set up a WiN network of your own somewhere but I'll talk to you more about that when I get it into Alpha. Trust me don't try and use the Pre-Alpha I just put that up for people to look at the source code and see how it works.
How easy is it to set up and use from the users end? Or do you have any UI ideas?
+Joshua Duthie How I hope it to work is you open WiN, click on Network > Connect to WiN and you are done.
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