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If you sell your house and possessions at this point in expectation of the end of the world, I have little to no sympathy for you. What minute sympathy I may have will be most likely directed towards whatever family you have that will now have to take care of you until you get past your massive anguish and depression and get back to living again.
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I don't subscribe to the this but there are few problems with the graphic.
1. Our calendar didn't exist when the Mayan calendar was created to there is no December 21st date on it. Modern anthropologists created that date based on the time line in the Mayan Calendar and our modern calendar.
2. I believe the Mayan calendar is actually more accurate then our modern calendar.

That being said, I got supplies packed away. 1 bottle of beer. :)
Ooh good call with the beer. I've got bottles of Stone 11.11.11 hidden away. If there isn't going to be a new year, better drink 'em up
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