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Nick Van Zanten
Still imagining a world without hypothetical situations.
Still imagining a world without hypothetical situations.

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Silver Skates

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This was a tough topic. Street photography is a genre with specific definition(s), often debated, even yesterday, but with none-the-less a plethora of historic and contemporary examples.
Okay, so for our community’s first attempt here is the good news:

POTW: Street goes to Steven  Scherbinski  for the “Porta Potties.”

Runner Up is Gert Wallis for ”St Mark’s Square.”

3rd place, is Jenifer Green’s  “man waiting to cross.”
And so okay, the Honorable Mentions are Gert Wallis for “checking out the tourists;” and Barb Lowrey’s  “Finish.”
Here’s why: 
• I’m sticking to a fairly classical and historical understanding of street photography.
• Head and shoulders portraits are portraits (some are excellent,) but if you do not show me the street, it is not.
• Homeless folks and street musicians are cliché, (not to mention sometimes easy for a couple of bucks-the-basket;) and that’s not just me-Google it.
• I eliminated  HDR, over-processed, color selective pictures, just on principal, those techniques valuable as they may be, just don’t fall into any  definition of “street photography.”

To me street requires a person or human presence in context, i.e., if you do not show me the street/environment the subject could be anywhere, and as above it is usually a portrait but not a “street portrait” (big BIG BIG BIAS so hold me accountable!)

• Steven ‘s  picture reveals  ordinary people  in a very “familiar situation,” there is urgency and then the nonchalance  of the bicyclist. (Reminiscent of Saul Leiter or Helen Leavitt.) 
• Gert  gives us mystery,  a young girl running through water? And the blur allows us to think on “street photography” classical vs. a 21st century update.
• Jenifer’s image says spontaneity, of the moment, and in B&W.

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, and Lee Friedlander did not show up for this POTW, but thanks to all of you who did!  

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A reflection of last spring at the harbor.

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Spent 8 great days in Lafayette at Festival International de Louisiane. This is Cedric Watson offering his style Louisiana Zydeco. 

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This is an easy read and very helpful. Thanks for a great Christmas gift +Guy Kawasaki!
(Mon08) Yesterday 7,344 people downloaded the free copy of What the Plus! I guess people are interested in it.

Get your free copy here and master Google+ before 2013! :-)

Please re-share this post so as many people as possible can get the book. 

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Nicely stated +Andy Stuart and a Merry New Year to you too.
Just popping in tae wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very Merry New Year.  ;-)
Happy holidays to my friends from other faiths.
Take care and I'll catch you all again soon.

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