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Nick Stone
IT Professional who loves Motorsport
IT Professional who loves Motorsport

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Hanging out with Harrison on the trampoline 

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Like I need more excuses for coffee but I found some!
Precisely why #coffee should be declared a food group!
Good morning and happy Sunday, my darlings!

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Great article on how to increase your klout score without gaming it

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Spot on

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Couldn't be more true

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This looks incredible - Go Aussie Go!
Adobe Illustrator is hard. Canva? Easy

If you ever need a brochure or a website or even an infographic designed you know just how hard it is to learn tools like Adobe Illustrator. Well, here is Canva, which lets you do design easily.

Some of the best HTML 5.0 work I've seen, too. One of the cool startups I met in Australia. Launched this morning, worth checking out. CEO Melanie Perkins shows why a bunch of investors bought into this interesting company.

Is it powerful enough to compete with Illustrator? No, not yet, but disruptive technologies rarely are good enough to take on the default at first.

Try it at after listening to +Melanie Perkins  , co-founder and CEO, show what it does.

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The number 1 reason I use Wunderlist Pro is it's simple and quick to use but powerful enough to use as a team
Hello brand new Wunderlist t-shirts!

Of course we couldn't possibly post this without giving you the chance to get your very own. All you need to do is share the No.1 reason why you love making lists with Wunderlist. We'll be giving away 3 t-shirts, so best of luck.

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Billy on the slide yesterday at the park
Animated Photo

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I am a big fan of most shows on the TWiT network and love in beta and boagworld
What are your favorite podcasts?   I've been listening to the following ones more lately.  Each category is listed in the order I generally play them in.

Oh and if you are using Android a great podcast player / manager that I love is Beyond Pod:

Interesting Stories - Generally fantastic production value:
* This American Life
* The Moth
* WNYC's RadioLab

Fitness and Crossfit:
* Barbell Shrugged
* Crossfit Journal Radio
* The Running Podcast

History, Science, and general knowledge:
* Dan Carlins Hardcore History 
* Tech News Today 
*  Stuff you missed in History Class
*  CBC Quirks and Quarks

Funny and Entertaining:
* Hollywood Babble On
* WTF with Marc Maron
* Bill Burrs Monday Morning
* The Bugle

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