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XE 9 and Bluetooth data. Anyone else seeing this now? I turned off bluetooth tethering and confirmed that I still show Bluetooth data on Glass and am able to perform searches, turn by turn, SMS, etc. 

Seems as if data is coming through the MyGlass app now (there are bi-direction icons next to the MyGlass app in the notification bar). 

Anyone else experiencing this? Guess we can cancel our tethering plans!!!
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Yes, I noticed the same thing.
yep ;)  Hopefully a bit more reliable too.  Loading webpages does seem slower, although that could be incidental. 
I tried that and it seemed to work for a while but it lost connection and I had to turn tethering back on. Still, it's worth a try. I could have been doing something wrong. Edit: I'm on Sprint.
Just tried it in the house, and it worked.  I'm travelling this afternoon, so I'll  try it on the road.  I too am on Sprint.

Update: seems to work. Yea!
i hope this was planned because if it gets taken away the next update we need to keep hush hush about these things ;)
Hope Mashable is wrong:

However, if Google wants any support from wireless carriers in marketing Glass, the free-tethering party will likely end at retail.
I called this on the release day a week ago. Nobody seemed to care or brushed it off as a simple icon change. 
Whoa! It works! Saw the link from Ars and came here - thanks a ton for finding this. Now I can cancel the tethering plan I was paying extra for just for glass, awesome!
Update: I canceled my Sprint tethering plan. [wink wink nudge nudge]
My Galaxy S4's screen cracked...not the glass just the LCD... so it is off for repair...back on the iPhone tethering plan for now :(
Sorry to bump an older post but does this still work?
Picking up my Glass tomorrow and was wondering if I need to add a tethering plan or not. :)
I'm on Sprint and no longer have to have the tethering plan.

EDIT: with an Android phone! Good point, +Nick Starr.
It tethers without a plan as long as you have an Android running MyGlass app. 
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