Someone at my office got me this sign today
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Did they mean for you not to wear your GLASS? grins that was rude LOL
I fought a long battle with the office to allow me to wear Glass at work and lost a long time ago. 
This will continue to be a tough one to overcome in the office. 
What are the reasons they gave for not allowing you to wear it at work?
Who is selling this signs? Wow how rude! I hope there are plenty of no phone signs around at your place?
+Nick Starr Are smart phones allowed in your office? If so, someone is SERIOUSLY screwed up about what GLASS is.
That is pretty funny, the sign, not not allowing Glass at work.
I hope these offices are ready to fight. Glass isn't gonna be the only headset coming. Other companies are already preparing their own models. Are the workplaces gonna waste their time to fight them all and be stuck on 20th Century technology and mindset?

The world just hates change. 
That would be our sign! Glad to see it's provoking some discussion.
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