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Hi +Nick Stamoulis, I would have to disagree. While I agree there are many variables, if a client sells centrifugal water pumps, I doubt any rock solid SEO firm would have trouble ranking - centrifugal water pumps for sale.

I think it boils down to competition, the resources allocated to any given keyword (typically a related group), on-page SEO knowledge, and getting natural authoritative back links. Of course, there is much more, but we not only offer a promise, but a guarantee.

It is not a "wide open" guarantee. Strong analysis goes into any potential market, and if the budget is not in line with what must be done, no guarantee is offered. We won't guarantee mortgage rates (which if your post is suggesting promises for keywords like that) then I agree. I think being honest is key in internet marketing, especially when so many companies have been taken advantage of.
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