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Nick Rock
Google+ & Hangouts addicted and I love to help others
Google+ & Hangouts addicted and I love to help others

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Vielen Dank fuer die Einladung!

Gruß aus dem Fankfurter Raum (Hessen) mit aktuellem Level 5.

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Tesla referral program works
Wow this is a lucky guy for sure!  +Elon Musk himself replied on his tweet so this seems to be legit. Congratulations +Bjørn Nyland !

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Sketch and write in #Evernote  with your finger
Another great news this morning - this time from +Evernote 
I've been missing this feature for a long time since I'm used to use Penultimate on my iPad with a Stylus. However, quick writing/drawing within Evernote on your iPhone will make some things much easier. #LoveIt   #Update  

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Best part: Notifications
I really love the fact that you are now getting notifications when someone shares a file with you. Much faster than the regular mail message.
  #GoogleDrive   #Update  
Google Drive just made file sharing easier on iOS and Android

Updates include mobile notifications when a file is shared, easier to request and grant access to a file, and preview files without a Google account.

Read the article for all the details

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L.O.V.E 😂😂😂  +John Elstone
#TCSummit   #SanFrancisco   #Google  

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Nick Rock commented on a post on Blogger.
Bold move, love the new #Google  logo and the changes to the little details like the dynamic one etc.

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Great resource if you are looking for your next Ringtone, Welcome Sound or anything else you could imagine. As long as you are a   #Trekkie  by heart ;-) The biggest sound archive I've found related to  #StarTrek  including VOY, TNG, TOS, ENT, Klingon, etc #Space
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