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Smart Local Roundup - The Collection

Each Friday from 26th July 2014 I've been curating what I believe to have been the best / most important local search and social media marketing posts from the week into one big roundup.

Here's the complete Collection in case you missed anything ☺

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Nick Rink

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Chilled out Saturday

Have been testing out Periscope with Fenway so will look to maybe post a few more short clips there over the weekend. It all seems to have tired him out so looks like we may be in for a pretty chilled out weekend. Weather looks like total garbage tomorrow though!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, wherever you are 😊
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Will look to post photos of this little fella a little more often for you +Leila Martin ☺ Think I need to build up his Collection a bit anyway.

+Jim Burwell's Petiquette he's just gone 18 months. Bit small for his breed at under 14lbs but other than that, a pretty typical Boston!
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Nick Rink

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Google I/O starts tomorrow

Google's annual developer's conference gets underway tomorrow out in San Francisco. For anyone wanting to stay on top of the news here are a few ideas in the post below.

Wondering what's coming, so any predictions?

Google I/O is almost here!

Here are some ways to stay in the know on I/O:

1. Discover an I/O Extended event near you: Better yet, post in a #LocalGuides Google+ Community to find friendly faces who are also interested in watching. 

2.  Listen in on I/O Live at or via the #Android  I/O app. The keynote and all sessions will be live streamed. 

3. Feast your eyes on our live photo stream with real time updates from Moscone: 
#io15   #googleio2015   #io15extended  
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The fact is they promote the event by using #Collections, I see this as a nice hint for surfacing on search and G+ 
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Nick Rink

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Ready for the weekend?

It's been an awesome week with stacks going on but looking forward to the weekend and hanging out with this guy!

Weekend plans?

#ns   #bostonterrier   #weekend  
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He is SO cute! And the chair's nice too!
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Nick Rink

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Map Maker edits on temporary shutdown

As of this Tuesday Google's Map Maker product will be temporarily closed for making edits. There have been quite a few high profile cases recently of strange / funny things showing up on Google Maps and they are taking steps to try and prevent this type of thing from happening.

☺ Snowden in the White House
☺ Android relief

Map Maker will still be available, you just won't be able to make any edits. No news on just how long edits will be closed.

Are you a Map Maker user? Any thoughts on this?

#t   #mapmaker   #googlemaps  
As some of you know already, we have been experiencing escalated attacks to spam Google Maps over the past few months. The most recent incident was particularly troubling and unfortunate - a strong user in our community chose to go and create a large scale prank on the Map.
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Nick Rink

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Smart Local Roundup - Collections, duplicate hunting, local mobile food orders and Yelp

Some week's with the roundup there's a fair bit of hunting about for good stuff, other weeks there's just too much to choose from. With the launch of Collections here on Google+ and a variety of other tasty local happenings this week has been a breeze. Plenty of links to great articles down below so dig in and enjoy!

Google+ Collections launched
A fresh new feature that may (hopefully) go someway towards finally dispelling all the Google+ is dead malarkey. Collections have been described as many things but until you investigate and start using them I think it's probably best to hold judgement. The potential uses for local businesses could be very interesting indeed and we're already starting to see some good ones appearing in the Stream. Plenty of articles about them this week and these five cover the broad bases well.
Read more: via +Dmitry Shapiro via +Jacob Dix via +Peggy K via +martin shervington via +Priya Chandra

Hunting for duplicate listings
One knock on effect from Collections was the disappearance of the Local tab from Google+. Now this was clearly something that wasn't used too often by regular users but for local search peeps it was a very handy tool to help track down and deal with duplicate listings. After some mild panic earlier in the week things settled down and the two posts below go into some detail about other options that are available.
Read more: via +Joy Hawkins via +John M Lynch

Order food direct from Google search results
Google continues its strategy of giving users the ability to carry out more actions direct from search results. While you've been able to book a hotel or restaurant that way for a while now, they've just added the ability to order your food there as well. Currently rolling out in the US and for mobile users only this is another feature that continues the importance of local and mobile. Suspect that this will roll out more widely once they have partners in place for other countries.
Read more: via +Google via +Barry Schwartz via +Linda Buquet

Is Yelp up for sale?
After the rumours circulating a couple of weeks ago about Foursquare being up for grabs, it now appears that Yelp is serious about finding a potential buyer, if reports are to be believed. They've had a fair bit of negative press recently and their relationship with local SME's is not exactly a love-in! Who'd be in the market? Interesting stat from the article below suggests that "as many as 70% of Yelp’s advertisers stop buying ads on the site after a year" which is quite a churn rate. So, who'd be in with a shout and who has the required cash available ... you can probably guess the usual suspects. More on this story if it develops over the coming weeks.
Read more: via +Wall Street Journal

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See you all back here same time next week ☺

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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notify please Nick
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Nick Rink

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Get Windows 10?

Fired up the old laptop this morning and was greeted with this little welcome window asking me to Get Windows 10. According to reports this has started rolling out over the past few hours so not sure if I want to start my Monday off with going through this.

Anyone out there with any experience of Windows 10 or advice on whether upgrading is a good idea or not? (Am currently running Windows 7)

#t   #windows10  
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+M Gaunt​ good stuff, thanks Martin. 
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Nick Rink

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Smart Local Roundup - Don't panic, THE Maps guy, JSON-LD for Schema and phone support

Some really exciting stuff announced by Google yesterday, especially as it relates to the semantic web (Now On Tap) but will be looking to keep the roundup an I/O free zone! Fewer links than usual but some great content for a number of different areas of local search. Enjoy!

Local results all over the place ... don't panic!
Things seemed to be all over the place in US local search results earlier this week, leading to all manner of speculation. Was it a bug? Maybe something to do with a recent algo update? There was clearly something going on but turns out that rule #1 of SEO applied ... don't panic! Serious point though and that's the fact that as local marketing professionals part of our role is to try and stay on top of things. We go through these moments so our clients don't have to.
Read more: via +Mike Blumenthal via +Barry Schwartz

Meet the guy making headlined fighting Maps spam
If you're deep (ish) into local search then you'll likely have dipped into MapMaker at some point and will know that edits there are currently suspended. That's down to all kinds of funny business going on with suspect listings being created. This great piece on Phil's blog is an interview with +Bryan Seely who's done some crazy cool stuff to help highlight Maps spam. Gives some great insight into the issues as well as providing some handy YouTube links.
Read more: via +Phil Rozek

Full guide for using JSON-LD markup for local business Schema
If you love the smell of Schema in the morning then you'll love this post. There are different ways you can insert Schema into a website and many of the articles and help tools are all focused on microdata. That can sometimes be tricky to implement and you run the risk of messing up the layout of a cleint's website. Using JSON-LD markup solves that issue and this fab resource gives plenty of background, examples and how-to. Read it, bookmark it, use it.
Read more: via +Gene Maryushenko

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone for Google My Business support
When Google first started offering phone support for Local pages some thought it was just a hoax! Truth is that many times calling support ( can be a much better option than trying to battle your way through solo. This article helps to highlight a couple of useful tips, so if you run into trouble don't be afraid to call.
Read more: via +Greg Gifford

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See you all back here same time next week ☺

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Nick Rink

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Google Photos gets fresh

One of the least well kept secrets from this year's I/O conference is the roll out of Google photos as a standalone product. They're giving away a serious amount of storage space, so glad I'm already using it!

With Google Photos, you can now backup and store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free. We maintain the original resolution up to 16MP for photos, and 1080p high-definition for videos, and store compressed versions of the photos and videos in beautiful, print-quality resolution.

#io15   #googlephotos  
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Just a bit more background to this for anyone interested ;) which suggests that the compression image format Google are using to store photos in their unlimited storage is called WebP. See here:
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Nick Rink

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Smart Local Roundup - local search tools, landing pages, Apple Maps and welcome back Twitter

Fun and games this week with lots of great content out there for local search folks. Some interesting news around Apple maps and it's also great to see tweets back in Google search in bulk. Starting off with a couple of great articles that hit some key local SEO areas, both of which are worth bookmarking and referring back to. We're off on a long weekend here in the UK so see you all back here next week. Enjoy!

Local SEO experts on tools and tips
A few weeks ago we had a post that contained somewhere in the region of 120 local search tips on how to promote your local business online. This week we're back with more expert local SEO info, this time on tools to use. From citation finders and trackers to more traditional SEO tools and help with Schema there are plenty of things covered here. Definitely one to bookmark and refer back to whenever you need to.
Read more: via +Matthew Woodward

Fab ideas on local landing pages for your website
One of the toughest things to do in local search can be to attract clients from beyond your main target location area, i.e. surrounding towns and suburbs. This excellent post goes into some detail about how to research and prioritise locations, then implement a plan that goes on to deliver real, tangible results. If you're struggling with your own local landing pages then this is a must read.
Read more: via +Michael Yurechko

Apple tooling up for a maps battle with Google
Apple Maps keeps getting better and there are probably fewer and fewer iPhone users who are now making the switch back to Google Maps. This week Apple announced, quietly, that they've acquired a GPS navigation firm that will bolster their Maps team and should help to improve their mapping accuracy even further. There are also strong rumours that Apple is getting ready to release an updated transit service within its Maps app. If you haven't already sorted your listing out on Apple Maps then get it done now
Read more: via +MacRumors via +The New York Times via +Engadget

Tweets are now back in Google search
This week Google welcomed Twitter back to its search results as tweets again started appearing in mobile search across in the US. The roll out will continue to desktop and other regions over the next few weeks. Much of the coverage has discussed the overall effect and who might be the winners / losers. Great piece in the final link below from Mike B who poses the question about the usefulness in all this for local business owners, especially now that Google are no longer showing G+ posts in the local Knowledge Graph. Will be an interesting one to watch.
Read more: via +Twitter via +VentureBeat via +Danny Sullivan via +Mike Blumenthal

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle. Alternatively, you can just turn notifications On for this Collection.

See you all back here same time next week ?

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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+Nick Rink love it, great content, sharing :)
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Nick Rink

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Smart Local Roundup - Map Maker edits, new Support forums, Facebook adds calls and G+ orphan Pages

Just like the weather, the only constant in local search you can be sure of is change. So this week the roundup is focused on a couple of Google related changes along with a neat additional feature to Facebook ads that could prove very useful for local business owners and marketers. There's also a great article at the end on how to take control of a previously verified Google My Business listing. Enjoy!

Google Map Maker edits suspended
In response to some rather amusing but also serious attacks recently, Google has decided to temporarily suspend edits on their Map Maker platform. For anyone passionate about mapping and for local search pro's this is less than ideal but somewhat understandable. While the specific attacks that caused this suspension are unknown it's thought to be things like Ed's Snow Den showing up in the White House As well as appearing in the usual tech press the Map Maker story has also made it to more mainstream outlets, so big news!
Read more: via +Pavithra Kanakarajan via +Search Engine Land via +BBC News

Google rolls out new support forum design
If you clicked on the first link above to the Map Maker support forum then you may recognise that the design is a little different. Google rolled out updates to most of their forums yesterday and while you can still access the old style the new design now shows as the default setting. I haven't dug into it too much yet so there's a handy piece below from Mike B that goes through what's new and what's missing.
Read more: via +Google via +Mike Blumenthal

Facebook adds calls to local ads
Facebook's Local Awareness campaign is all about helping business owners connect with local consumers. Earlier this week they rolled out a click to call button within mobile ads, which look to be super simple to set up. Once you've got your ad running you can track how many calls the ad has delivered from your dashboard, helping to measure how effective the campaign has been. Will be interesting to see what sorts of impressions to calls ratio people can achieve.
Read more: via Facebook via +Adweek via +Marketing Land

How to deal with orphaned Google+ Pages
An orphaned Google My Business listing is one that has previously been verified but you can't find the listing owner. Frustrating for a variety of reasons and while there are options available through the GMB help pages it can take quite some time to get things sorted. If you want to get things moving along a little more swiftly then this great article takes you through the necessary steps. Definitely one to bookmark in the Google My Business troubleshooting collection!
Read more: via +Gene Maryushenko

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle. Alternatively, you can just turn notifications On for this Collection.

See you all back here same time next week ☺

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Cherry blossom and lambs in White Coppice

Peaceful few days up north visiting the folks and dropping in on a client or two. As much as I love living in the City it's refreshing to get out every now and then.

This is the view out of the front of my folks Lancashire home, with plenty of new born lambs around. Doing the Great Manchester Run tomorrow and then back to Wimbledon for another busy week.

#ns #lancashire 
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Outrageous comment +Pan Aveyard​ and in danger of being deleted 😉 Both left and right sides have their qualities. 
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