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Friday night ... the force is awakening!

Loving the latest Star Wars trailer, especially the bit at 1:34 ☺ Now feeling in the mood to watch 1-6, let the negotiations begin!

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Were the negotiations successful +Nick Rink​?
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Nick Rink

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Search for harm - Google's response to the EU

So the EU is off again with a campaign to potentially change the way Google operates here in Europe Personally I think the whole thing is ludicrous, especially the investigation into Android, but what do I know! 

The statement in Google's reply that sticks out most for me is the following:

While Google may be the most used search engine, people can now find and access information in numerous different ways 

... which points to the fact that more and more consumers may well be starting their search journey somewhere other than Google.

Amazon and eBay lead the way for shopping., Expedia and others are all over travel. Even basic local searches are starting to go elsewhere ... need a taxi then most folks I know around London are now using Hailo or Uber, not to mention all the activity on sites like Streetlife and Netmums.

Most of the EU ruckus seems to be coming from elsewhere, with sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor long thought to be at the forfront of the complaints.

Maybe instead of moping and moaning they should focus on expanding what they're offering and do a better job of convincing people to start their search journey there instead of Google. I'm not going to pretend that I'm not sort of Google fanboy (I totally am!) but that's because they consistently give me what I'm looking for.

Your thoughts?

Our response to the European Commission's announcements on Search  and Android 
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I agree +Nick Rink​ - Google gives consumers what they want. If the competition don't like that they should up their games. 
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Smart Local Roundup - Google Home Services, virtual tours, city landing pages and support

As spring takes grip on the northern hemi there are all kinds of things buzzing around. So I'm relying on rumours about what Google may be up to ahead, along with falling back on a couple of local search stalwarts for this week's roundup. Enjoy!

Google set to launch Home Services platform ... maybe?
Fresh off the back of Amazon re-branding and relaunching their Home Services platform a couple of weeks ago, the folks at BuzzFeed have reported that Google just maybe up to something very similar. No comment from the big G, naturally, so we're all left to wonder and speculate ... which is always fun, right? This will be a story to watch and, if true, what will it mean for the likes of Checkatrade (here in the UK) and others? Likely one more big reason to verify and optimise your My Business listing if you haven't already done so!
Read more: via +BuzzFeed via +Barry Schwartz via +Forbes via +Linda Buquet

Thinking about doing a virtual tour, then read this first
Virtual tours are becoming more and more popular. Having an approved photographer do a Google Business View for you and then integrating it into your My Business listing (and your website) is a great way to showcase your business as well as potentially increasing dwell time on your Page. Just like everything else though, then can be done well and they can be done badly. This is a great article that will help you fully prepare and also gives some handy tips on how to make the tour even more interesting.
Read more: via +Sparkfactor

How to build effective city location landing pages
One of the trickiest things in local SEO is to rank in a location where you don't have an actual office. That means that you have to rely on the pure power and authority of your landing page to show in organic search as you don't have the benefit of a Google+ Page and all your citations. Rather than just building a ton of duplicate content pages this great article gives you some solid principles for building location pages that will actually work.
Read more: via +Phil Rozek

Google upgrades Help and Support options for My Business listings
We all need help sometimes and Google have recently updated the entire Help section of their My Listings site. That includes the different options for contacting them if you need a call back or online chat support. Handy write up from Mike B summarizes everything for you.
Read more: via +Mike Blumenthal

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle.

See you all back here same time next week ☺

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Thanks +Nick Rink - As usual great recap!
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Sad day for cricket as Aussie legend Richie Benaud passes away

Cricket lovers across the globe, especially in Australia and England, will be mourning the loss of one of the game's greats. Growing up here in the UK it was Richie Benaud's commentary that helped teach me the game and drew me into test match cricket. I don't think there's been a better TV commentator since.

His mantra on commentating was: "If you can add to what's on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up" which is advice many of today's TV "personalities" could heed.

His playing record was outstanding and but it'll be his cheery "morning everyone" that I'll remember most.

Richie Benaud, who has died aged 84, will be remembered as one of cricket's finest commentators.
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Very distinctive voice and personality. 
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Nick Rink

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Bank holiday blues

Day off here in the UK for the Easter Monday bank holiday and we've been blessed with a glorious spring day here in Wimbledon.

Hope your day is fine and bright, no matter what the weather may get up to ☺

#ns #monday 
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Azul es mi color es precioso 
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Big game ahead at Twickenham

Need to win by 27, unlikely but should be fun to watch them try!

#t #carrythemhome 
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Smart Local Roundup - Consolidation, hotel ads, search layouts and steps to local SEO success

Bit of consolidation going on around the place this past week, so will be interesting if that trend continues. Bit of an update on some things Google appear to be testing (are they ever not testing!) and finish off with a great piece looking at the importance of local, along with some handy tips. Enjoy!

UBL merges with Dallas digital company to offer more for local
UBL (Universal Business Listing), which provides business listing management capabilities to companies through the US, UK and beyond has merged with a Dallas based digital agency called Advice Interactive. Having control over citations is crucial for local SEO success and this merger now puts the new business up against the likes of Yext, which has also recently started to roll things out beyond North America. Many local SEO's like to stay in control of listings but as these syndicated services improve they could be a major timesaver.
Read more: via +Greg Sterling via +Search Engine Journal

LocalVox buys MarketMeSuite, launches local Social Inbox
Another acquisition announced this past week was that of LocalVox, an integrated local marketing platform, purchasing MarketMeSuite. As larger brands and franchises start to realise the importance of local, these platforms will continue to develop and potentially gain clients beyond smaller independent retailers. LocalVox itself is owned by The Berry Company.
Read more: via +Yahoo Finance via +LocalVox via +VentureBeat

Google rolls out hotel ads, starts testing new search layout beyond the US
Google is continuing to play around with testing how local search results are laid out. They've now rolled out Hotel Ads, which according to the folks at Hilton Worldwide have delivered a "45% higher conversion rate" when compared to other search formats. Beyond ads, Google are still looking to persuade more hotels (and others) to use all the facilities that are available to them, notably Google Business View. It also looks like the 3 results only "snack pack" has now rolled out here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Haven't found anyone that likes it yet, so if you can figure out what the advantages may be please do drop a comment below!
Read more: via +Malcolm Maybury

Five steps to local SEO success for brands
Nice post here that delves into some of the reasons why local is so important before giving 5 very solid steps that will help your local SEO success - landing pages, citations, social, reputation and local ads. Check out the article for full details.
Read more: via +The Huffington Post

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle.

See you all back here same time next week ?

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Smart Local Roundup - Near me searches, Home Services, Yelp check-ins and Ed's snow den

It's been a glorious Spring week here in south west London with tree blossoms breaking out all over the area. Spring generally signals a time for change - UK election anyone? - and local marketing land is no stranger to that. This week we're taking a look at how the rise of mobile is changing the nature of mobile search, along with how the market itself maybe changing with the rise of the online Home Services offering from the web's big guns. Throw in a little Yelp and a fun but serious point about G Maps and that's this week's roundup sorted. Enjoy!

" Near Me" searches are on the rise
Mobile search has been at the forefront of most people's minds as we get closer to the 21st April "Mobilegeddon" deadline What's starting to emerge even more clearly is how mobile itself is changing the nature of how we search. Highlighting this is a great piece on the +Think with Google site about the rise of Near Me searches, which have apparently increased by 34 times since 2011. The research also suggests that convenience often trumps brand loyalty in that moment of truth when a searcher is making a decision about where to go. Fascinating read, accompanied by a couple insightful of follow up articles.
Read more: via +Matt Lawson via +Mike Blumenthal via +Greg Jarboe

How is the Home Services market evolving
Amazon re-branded and relaunched their Home Services offering a few weeks back which was followed by rumours that Google could possibly offer something similar. Could the Home Services market take off or is it something that may go the way of daily discount sites? If you're familiar with names like Thumbtack and Taskrabbit then this should be a good read for you.
Read more: via +The New York Times

Reasons your business should be using Yelp's Check-In offers
While Yelp may not be massive here in the UK it certainly gets lots of usage (and press) across the pond. I think there are many local business owners here who could start using some of the tried and tested tactics, so here's a great article that highlights how to use Yelp's check-in offers. The first two tips alone should be enough to get using them ... increased ranking and gaining more reviews!
Read more: via +Joy Hawkins

Google Maps loopholes and ownership local data
Every so often you might come across something on Google Maps that doesn't quite look right. Earlier this week it emerged that someone had managed to drop a listing into the White House for Edwards Snow Den. Clearly not a real place but it's highlighted loopholes within Google Maps that continue to be exploited. That also leads us into the greater issue of local data, who owns it and how it's used to populate information across the web, not just with Google. Couple of interesting pieces here and as +Bernadette Coleman would say "it's all about the data!"
Read more: via +Danny Sullivan via +Damian Rollison

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle.

See you all back here same time next week ☺

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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Notify Please +Nick Rink , Thanks kindly in advance ;)
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Your thoughts on the future of Google+

Great opportunity here for anyone wanting to chip in and give their opinion on what the future may hold for Google+. It's being organised by +Ann Smarty through #MyBlogU After all the negative stories that certain members of the tech press keep throwing about this is a chance for actual G+ users to put their stories forward.

Deadline is this Thursday so get yourself signed up and pitch in with your answers.

#googleplus   #notdeadyet   #BritPack  
Looking for G+ active users to participate in the expert round-up! There are two questions. If you want to be featured, please contribute your answers here:

[Please share with those who may be interested in contributing!]

After it was announced that Google was going to split Google Plus into two products (photos and streams), there have been a never-ending stream of assumptions. Rumor has it, Google is going to close G+ eventually. Looking at past Google experiments, this rumor has the right to exist! So what's your prediction? What's going to happen to the social network?

#google #googleplus #expertinterview #mybogu  
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"Your opinion is cited because it matters..."

Thanks for sharing, +Nick Rink !
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Hanging out on the Mid Week Marketing Mix

Looking forward to joining +James Dearsley +Mike Allton and +Matt Britton on this week's #MarketingMix to talk through social media, local search and millenial marketing. Plenty of local marketing stuff to chat about ...

✏ Twitter partnering with Foursquare
✏ Will Google follow Amazon with a Home Services platform
✏ Relevance & authority of citations
✏ Google's Get your City on the Map initiative
 ... and plenty more.

Join us at 5pm UK time if you can and get involved in the event stream. Really looking forward to hearing what Mike and Matt have to say.

#l   #socialmedia   #localsearch  
The Mid Week Marketing Mix - bringing you the latest social and digital marketing news by the most influential and/or opinionated guests

Today we are joined by Social Media expert +Mike Allton   who will be sharing his thoughts on what is new and exciting in the Social Media world.

Local SEO guru +Nick Rink  will also be joining the panel and will be giving his insights on the latest goings on in local search.

Our special guest

Special guest +Matt Britton(aka Mr. Youth) will be talking about his book YouthNation: Building Remarkable Brands in a Youth-Driven Culture ( and will be giving us a fascinating view on millennial marketing.

We have a structured format - which you can see below that hopefully allows you to get the most out of the Hangout.


Usually there are 3 or 4 segments, each between 10 to 15 minutes long. Depending on the guests we have on we may cover topics such as :

1/ Social Media marketing news
2/ SEO/Content Marketing news
3/ PPC or other paid advertising
4/ Special Guest slot – book launch, influential website owner or influencer

Practicalities - Asking Questions or commenting: For Google+

When watching this Hangout on Google+ you will see a small square with diagonal arrow above the head of the panel. Do Click that and it will open the video in a new window. Then you will be able to comment on the discussions on the event page. #MarketingMix #HOA

Sorry we've had to set this up again, we received an error notification from Google this morning, we hope to see you all at 17:00 BST! :)
This Hangout On Air is hosted by James Dearsley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
The Mid Week Marketing Mix
Wed, April 8, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

68 comments on original post
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Really looking forward to your part +Nick Rink - some great topics in there.......thanks for sharing
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Smart Local Roundup - Twitter and Foursquare, Periscope launches, getting on the Map and Amazon goes local

As spring starts hitting the UK (don't forget our clocks go forward this weekend) it's been a fascinating week in local. Twitter have been particularly active with both Foursquare and Periscope, Google are having another push to get local businesses on the map and Amazon are still looking at how to reach into the local service market. Enjoy!

Twitter to start tapping into Foursquare's location data
Having your business data on Foursquare correct just got a whole lot more important as Twitter announced that they are rolling out the ability to check into places with your Tweets. Foursquare data is already used by the likes on Vine and Pinterest, so additional partnerships may follow based on the strength of Foursquare's location data. Local business owners need to ensure that they're on Foursquare with accurate location data and clean up any duplicates.
Read more: via Twitter via +Martin Beck via +Erin Griffith via +Justin Lafferty

Meerkat rival Periscope launches on iOS
When I started seeing all the mentions of Meerkat flying around the web I wondered what Aleksandr was up to and then found out what it was really all about! This week the live streaming mobile service got a serious competitor with the launch on Periscope. Meerkat may have launched first but Periscope is owned by Twitter and so already has access to a huge user base. Although both are currently only available for iOS it's going to be interesting to see how local businesses may start using this. If anyone's seen anything good please drop a link in the comments below. 
Read more: via +BBC News via +CNET via +Adweek

Google pushing to get all US businesses on the map
Back in 2011 Google started out their Get Your Business Online project, setting out to help small businesses get themselves found online. A couple of days ago they started a new initiative focused on helping them get on the map. Getting the word out about how effective Google My Business is as an effective marketing tool for local business owners is something that local SEO and marketing folks have been doing for a while now, so it's great to see Google starting their own initiative here as well. Currently looks to be US only but am very much hoping that they'll get something rolling here in the UK also.
Read more: via +Google+ Your Business

Amazon re-brands local offering as Amazon Home Services
Back in late 2014 Amazon started looking at providing local service offerings in a handful of select US cities. That service is about to get re-branded as Amazon Home Services and made available to a number of additional cities across the US. Looks as though services will include plumbing, IT support, automotive services and plenty more. Clearly an opportunity for an authoritative citation, but more than that it could be a great way for trade services to attract more local clients.
Read more: via +TechCrunch via +Engadget

If you would like to be notified when I post each new local roundup (every Friday morning) please leave a comment below on this post saying notify please and I’ll add you to my circle.

See you all back here same time next week ☺

#smartlocalroundup   #localseoroundup   #localsearchmarketing   #localseo   #smartlocalmarketing  

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Curated by Nick from +Smart Local Marketing
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There's a fair old push here with consumers / reviews through Google and the Local Guides initiative so I'm really hoping that they do something similar with local businesses as well +Peter Lunn As you know there are plenty of us trying to connect with and educate businesses of all shapes and sizes about the benefits of having a claimed and fully completed GMB listing so if +Google UK ever decide to do anything they'll not be short of passionate advocates willing to chip in ;)
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One big reason to check out your business data on Foursquare

"Twitter said today that it will partner with Foursquare to pinpoint location tagging in tweets."

So it would be prudent for bars, restaurants, clubs, stadiums and other local spots that consumers may want to tag locations in to take a look at their presence on Foursquare.

☑ Is your Mapmarker in the right location
☑ Is the right phone number showing
☑ Do you have any duplicate listings that may cause confusion

This is rolling out in the US and Canada over the next few weeks so business owners here in the UK have some time to get things sorted. Don't wait until the last minute!

#twitter   #foursquare   #localsearchmarketing   #smartlocalmarketing  
Feature will be rolled out in the next few weeks in the United States and Canada with other markets to follow.
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One good thing about Foursquare is that it does not block the Exif data on those images..
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