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Can you offer clarity on when to use a Product schema vs a Service Schema?

For example, cell phone contracts:
This is kind of a product, but really it is a service.

Should we use the product schema to get the rich cards, or stick more stringently to the docs?

Nick Reese

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You’ve heard it before: Word-of-mouth marketing can TRANSFORM your business! …Then you’re shown a case study of a big business’ viral social media campaign,  just to end up being linked to “Dollar Shave Club” and told you can do it, too. While these stories are impressive, they leave you thinking “Well, that’s really cool,” because they don’t give you actionable advice on how to engineer word-of-mouth marketing into your business. So, instead of ...

Nick Reese

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A 30 Second Favor to Ask:
Do you know someone that is a great writer with social media experience who is looking for a ‪#‎locationindependent‬ job?

If so, could you tag them in the comments... or repost this listing?

In addition to being on the inside of a rapidly growing startup, they'll get substantial one-on-one mentoring and training from both Duane and I... something that we've never offered.

Honestly, if I was fresh out of college or looking for a career change, this would be an opportunity I'd pounce on.
Hey, thanks for checking out this listing! Are you the type of person that loves: 1 -- Making things (relatively) boring topics interesting and remarkable. 2 -- Making jokes and puns. 3 -- Persuasive
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Contact the Write Way Designs team!

Nick Reese

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New Post -->

How to create a system to amplify your entrepreneurial luck.

+ a sneak peak on how we're promoting
"Getting lucky" in business isn't as easy as it seems, but if you follow this simple system you can increase the amount of luck that you have in your business.

Nick Reese

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Every week I get emails from entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs asking: "How do I know if my business will be successful?"

Here's my answer:
Answering the question of "Is my business going to be successful?" isn't easy, but there is a simple perspective shift that can make the journey dramatically easier... in fact it also will tell you if you'll succeed or fail.

Nick Reese

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I'm on a mission to kill the phrase "I'm SOO busy."

It absolutely destroys your willpower and can start a vicious circle.

That said, I'm stoked to share the solution that has worked for me for years.

Nick Reese

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Feeling overwhelmed always comes from a lack of clarity. Learn how to get more done by focusing on the important things instead of just the urgent things... and cut the words "I'm soo busy" out of your life.

Nick Reese

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Thanks Kristine. :)

Nick Reese

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New Post: Why "Following Your Passion" is Horrible Advice.

Someone needed to say it.

Nick Reese

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Latest post, hot off the press:
A few weeks back I was talking with an old ‪#‎UCF‬ friend when they asked me how to get starting consulting.
I decided it was time to make a video about it.
Starting a consulting business can seem complex, but there are really 3 steps that most consultants follow when they begin to venture out on their own.

Nick Reese

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Most business owners accept that "Problem Clients" are just part of doing business. 

But, you know there's a better way. 

Swipe these 3 scripts to "say goodbye" to problem clients so you can make more room for clients you love.
Most business owners accept that "Problem Clients" are just part of doing business. But, you know there's a better way. Swipe these 3 scripts to "say goodbye" to problem clients so you can make more room for clients you love.

Nick Reese

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Incredibly excited to announce my new design and branding.

Huge step forward.

Thanks for the support and love from Brave People, Eric Binnion, and everyone else behind the scenes in making this happen. 

Also massive thanks to Yardena for the love, support, and awesome cooking as I've worked 12 hour days over the past couple weeks. 

So blessed.
Nick Reese teaches you how effectively market your business both online and offline without having it consume all of your energy or focus.
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Figured that. Once you know how to build sites it's hard to let go completely for better or worse. At least that's what I've found.
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Nick is a passionate, outgoing guy with a consummate zest for life. He loves marketing strategy, dreaming big, and building cool stuff. He not only thinks outside the box, he explodes the box and uses the pieces to build rockets. His philosphy of life is to live wide open – sharing knowledge, growing ideas – and business – through collaboration, ensuring that when people work together, everybody wins.
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