The origin of scepticism. And possibly religion.

It was a dark evening in the desert. The goats were mostly asleep. And the shepherds were seated around their fire in deep conversation with a traveller who had been passing by and had invited to stay with them for the night.

Traveller -....... so he said, "look guys just chill, out be cool. I know I lost it completely in the temple with the market and shit. But trust me. Loosing your cool with other people, it just isn't what we should be doing to each other. That's what my father always said anyway."

Bored looking shepherd (1) - Is that when you hit him?

Traveller - Noooo. Why would I hit him? What he said had reached my heart. He'd convinced me he was right. And I've been living like he wanted me to since then. I gave away everything I have. And I don't worry about tomorrow.

Another bored looking shepherd (2)- Oh I don't know. You look a bit of a mess. And he sounds like some communist hippy to me. And giving all your shit away?.... Seem like a crappy plan to me.

Realising he's loosing the crowd the traveller leaps up. The shepherds surprised by the activity fall backwards. The traveller raises his arms in overly dramatic fashion

Traveller - But did i mention the... the... the Mmmmmiracles?

Shepherds sitting back up.

Shepherd (1) - Miracles? Like walking on sand and leaving no foot prints?

Traveller- Errrrr.....Better than that!

Shepherd (1) - Better than walking on sand and leaving no footprints?... Fuck off!!

Traveller- Much better. How does walking on air grab you.

Shepherd (2) - I think technically that's flying. Not walking.....And how the hell can he create a pressure differential to make the lift. I mean body lift could be a way of making the lift.. But he'd have to be going ohhh... 120-160 miles per hour. And that speed in this day and age is just unbelievable...... Unnnnnnnless you could find a way of heating the air and creating a .. plume of hot gas that would react against the body of the....... smiles ignore me... I'm being stupid.

Traveller looking puzzled and grins at shepherd (2) -Errrrr right

*Traveller rotates finger around temple at shepherd (1)

Traveller - ........ I mean walking...... on... ayyyyy thin layer of air.... over water!!

Traveller looks pleased.

Shepherd (2) - Ummm. How and why was he walking on water?

Traveller - Because he was on a boat and he wanted to get to the shore.

Shepherd (2) - Why didn't he just swim? And how did he walk on water?

Shepherd (1) -Sounds a little showy to me. Yeah. Bit showy for a commie. But I'm warming to him.

Traveller - On yeah. He did loads of stuff like that. He spat in some dirt and rubbed it into the eyes of a blind man....


Shepherd (1) - urgh! Man! That's fucking disgusting!!

Traveller - And he died....

Shepherd(2) - Was that just after he rubbed the spit into the guys eyes?

Traveller - ...... Errrr no.... No it wasn't.

Shepherd (2) - How'd he die then? I'd have kicked the living shit out of him if he did that to me.

Travellers - Oh the Romans caught him. They had a double agent in our team. And this double agent kissed him to show the Romans who he was.

Shepherd (1) - HE WAS GAY!! OH MY GOD. If he wasn't dead now he'd be asking to get married no doubt.

Traveller - Oh no! He wasn't gay. He was as red blooded as the next man. He'd had loads of totty. He was a mans man. He hung around with prossies you know. That's how manly he was.

Shepherd (2) - Well that double agent took a bit of a shine to him?

Traveller - He only kissed him because it's the best way he could think of to show who he was.....

Shepherd (1) - Well he did that alright. Pervert!

Traveller - LOOK!... .... He was great man and he's dead.

Shepherd (2) - Well apart from the unnecessary showmanship. Which you haven't shown to be true. We've only got your word for it. He just seems like an ordinary bloke to me..

The traveller thinks furiously.

Traveller -.......... Did I say he came back to life???

Shepherd (2) Groans and raises eyes to the sky

Shepherd (1) - Tell me more......
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