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I work for the internet.
I work for the internet.


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Hooray! It only took a couple tries, but it looks like my Google Plus circles have been successfully migrated using the option provided in Google Takeout!

This concludes the transition of all my Google stuff from a long-standing Gmail account to an Apps account.

Bit of a harrowing experience if you're as entangled in G services as I am. Let me know if you're considering doing the same and I can probably offer a few good tips!
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So, I recently initiated a Google Takeout Circles Transfer from my Gmail account to my Apps account. Everything seemed to go as expected (waited a week, had a limited features banner on both profiles for a while..), but now that it's completed not a single person was moved into my new account.

No circles have anything in them, I'm not in anyone's circles, I have no connections whatsoever... and everything is intact on my old account.

It won't let me do it again for however long now.. Any ideas??
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