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Nick Physick
I Am. Nick Physick of Saturn Nein.
I Am. Nick Physick of Saturn Nein.


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Hey check out my new revamped website! Have you ever wanted a webpage like mine, where you can share your videos, music, pictures and writing? Now you can collaborate your masterpiece with other users via! Customize the color, background, and layout of your page with absolutely no web design knowledge. Show off the unique artistic person that you can not with other social media platforms. Join now today! It's Free!

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April 2017
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The Sims Online is back! Play now @

It's April 2017, I'm just checking to see how everyone is doing. Hello Google+!

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Moving out of one small far lame studio into a much closer better studio!

Instagramed - Nick Physick

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Are you an Elder Scrolls fan? Now you can play Morrowind on your android device! Bring Tamriel with you anywhere you go!

Happy Birthday

I am adding several new modules in the next update for the personal and company profiles on Source 2, with status updates, location maps with addresses, phone linking with direct calling, and a news section that works great for both profiles!

And in a much further update I will be implementing real time weather conditions and personal reactions for the gaming profile that affect the look of the page.

Thanks to all of the recent confirmed contributions. I am submitting your $143 via PayPal on April 23: since we made $14,300 in the month if March. I don't need 100% of the funds. Just my percent that we should all share equally.

Thanks all,

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Thank you for your contributions! We are up 23 points at $14,778 so far in the month of March. If you made an account over at, I will be giving back $10 to all verified users through paypal every month. And if I get to $100,000 i will give $100 back, so keep up tge good work!
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