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Day dreaming, waffling enthusiastically about the wonders of the universe, science, and technology
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Wizard behind the curtain at 'The Comic Book Community' on G+. Science, Tech, Astronomy, Motorcycle Geek, Comics Connoisseur, Husband&Father, dreams of travelling amongst unknown stars..

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Welcome To My G+ World

I've been part of Google+ since a month or so into the Beta, those heady days when it was all new and exciting. With the massive redesign currently under way by the dedicated team at Google everything is becoming new again, bit by bit. It’s a big job but one that will hopefully lead to bigger and better things. Nothing worth doing is ever easy they say. :-)

As G+ shifts to a #Communities and #Collections environment, posting publicly seems to be getting a little lost in the stream, so I've decided to reshape how I do things in here. I've met so many great people (you know who you are) and had so many great conversations in comments sections that to not try to retain that in the new Plus would be almost a crime. 

So I'm going to pin this to my profile as a signpost to how to find me, my collections, and communities, and I hope you’ll drop by for a chat! Here we go...


A Dimension Of Mind - A raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thoughts...

This is my ‘everything’ collection. A blog-esque stream of thoughts covering movies, politics, TV, music, news, general musings, and hellos. I’ll occasionally drop in posts from my other collections just to draw everything together, do come say Hi.

An Apple A Day - Technology, married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, in style

This is my everything Apple collection, latest news, thoughts on the company’s products and direction, and anything else that springs to mind.

Ride The Wild Wind - Mind, Body, Machine As One

My motorcycle collection featuring new bike news, bike technology innovations, cool imagery, custom bikes, and more. It was Google+’s #FeatureFriday Collection in Jan 2016

Better Living Through Technology - Life changing technology, and cool luxuries, let’s see what tomorrow brings

Technology can better us or destroy us, I'm a glass half full kind of guy so this is a collection of tech news that’s peaked my interest in helping humanity, or is just plain cool.

Beyond This Island Earth - Behold the final frontier, and how we get there

Everything space related, cool Hubble pictures, NASA news, thoughts on our next steps, space tech, private sector battles to orbit, and more. Currently locked in orbit in G+’s ‘Featured Collections’ list.


While I'm in a few communities the one I hold dear is the one I run, The Comic Book Community everything comics, discussion, art, polls, reviews, and sneak peeks at new books from our publisher partners DC, Marvel, Valiant, IDW, Dynamite, and more. No spam, no piracy, just fun and comic book geekery. Come check it out…

And if you draw, either professionally or just starting out there’s The CBC’s sister community, The CBC Artists' Alley with drawing challenges, tips, critique, discussion on all aspects of comics art and more. You’ll find it here…

It’s an all-new sort of different G+, let’s keep having fun :-)
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+Nick Moore :)))
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Wally West is back in action

After too long wandering the ethereal dimension of the speed force, many fans favourite speedster returned in DC Rebirth. He enters a word of other Wally Wests, Barry Allen, and a host of other speedsters to come looking at previews of the post rebirth Flash title. Brett Booth has refreshed his look to help him stand out, if he stands still long enough to get spotted. :-)

#DCrebirth   #dccomics   #wallywest   #theflash   #kidflash  
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+Rich Franklin oh ok, I haven't keep up with the Flash comic so I had no idea there were two dudes. Thanks
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Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore

CBC Features (Mods Only)  - 
What's on your pull list this week? #CBCPullBox  

A super man will fall, another will be revealed, a universe struggles to be reborn, and Steve Rogers is back to his super hydra kicking self. Big week. :-)

Comixology Top Ten for May 25, 2016

1. Justice League (2011-) #50 DC Comics
2. Star Wars (2015-) #19 Marvel
3. Superman (2011-) #52 DC Comics
4. The Flash (2011-) #52 DC Comics
5. Batgirl (2011-) #52 DC Comics
6. DC Universe Rebirth #1 DC Comics
7. East of West #26 Image
8. Doctor Strange (2015-) #8 Marvel
9. Amazing Spider-Man #1.5 Marvel
10. Extraordinary X-Men (2015-) #10 Marvel

#ncbd   #newcomicbookday   #comics   #dcrebirth  
Kevin Birtcher's profile photoI. Murray's profile photoNick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore's profile photo
Here's mine so far..

DC Rebirth #1 (my #CBCreview is here

Lois & Clark #8
Doctor Strange #8
Might Thor #7
Bloodshot #13
Captain America #1 (wish I could give it back)
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The Dream Of The Universal Translator

If you're a Star Trek fan, and I am a proud Trekkie, one of the series big tech features was the Enterprise computer's ability to translate alien languages in real time. This of course was a TV driven feature so we could all understand onscreen interactions but it was a marvellous idea.

Imagine a world where language wasn't a barrier or a reason for misunderstanding a critical situation. Google, Microsoft and others have good working translation apps and even ones with the ability to translate signage into a required language.

Now Waverly Labs 'Pilot' earpiece aims to bring live conversations to life in real time. If it works as well as the promo video it could be a game changer. :-)

#translation #technology 
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Travel Beyond

This is a gorgeous short film by Tim Cahn of a spaceship taking a leap across the universe. Fingers crossed someday this will be an every day journey.

#space #universe #scifi #cosmos
A spaceship travels beyond Earth.
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Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore

CBC Features (Mods Only)  - 
What's everybody picking up this week? #CBCPullBox

The top ten from Comixology looks like this..

May 11, 2016

1. Batman (2011-) #52 DC Comics
2. Action Comics (2011-) #52 DC Comics
3. Darth Vader (2015-) #20 Marvel
4. All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015-) #9 Aso Marvel
5. Catwoman (2011-) #52 DC Comics
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #58 IDW
7. Black Panther (2016-) #2 Marvel
8. Southern Bastards #14 (MR) Image
9. Deadpool (2015-) #11 Marvel
10. All-New X-Men (2015-) #9 Marvel

#comics #ncbd #newcomicbookday
Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore's profile photoI. Murray's profile photoAlanos Bandanos (PS3: Alex_Talionis)'s profile photo
Descender vol 2
Night of the Living Deadpool
Spidey #6
Samurai #1&2
Dark Souls #2
Rurouni Kenshin vol 2

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Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore

CBC Features (Mods Only)  - 
What's your Pick Of The Week? #CBCPickOfTheWeek

Let fellow CBCers know what's been your pull-list or back catalogue highlight in the comments and add a few words as to why. Look forward to seeing what everyone recommends. :-)

Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore's profile photoKevin Birtcher's profile photoScott Arthur's profile photo
Doctor Strange #8 was also a highlight for me, but the last four pages seem to have reproduction problems. The art looks murkier and I can't tell if it was a conscious choice to emphasize the change in locale, or just my copy. Not really a spoiler, per se, but notice that the trunkload full of magical artifacts includes the jawbone of an ass. It's that attention to detail that's been missing in other comics for a while.
Runners up are Over The Garden Wall #2 and new arcs beginning in both Art Ops #8 and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #7.
As for back catalog items, I did unusually well. I completed the original 1960's "Fantasy Masterpieces" series (now made redundant by the Masterworks editions), the DC/Helix Michael Moorcock's "Multiverse" series, the 2-year Vertigo "Black Orchid" series and a number of others. But as much as I've been searching for those remaining one or two issues for each series, one I really got psyched for was Strange Tales #130, where the Torch and Thing meet the Beatles. More importantly, it means I have all the Dr. Strange appearances in Strange Tales except the mid-70's reprints, the first two (out of my price range) and #121 (I just haven't found a low-grade copy yet, but I'm certain one is out there. None of these were bought online; they were all assembled piecemeal over 30+ years in person.
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Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore

CBC Official Reviews (Mods Only)  - 
#CBCReview DC Rebirth #1 - Heroes Return

This is the big gamble for DC, their attempt to undo the damage of the grand New 52 experiment. One that for me undid a proud history and changed many characters beloved for generations into shadows of themselves, infected by real world mean spiritedness and darkness. I don't want a monthly cavalcade of reflections of the people around us who look inward or are absorbed with selfishness, we want heroes we can look up to, and even if we can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, outrun time itself, invest billions in bat themed accessories, or use an alien ring to will giant boxing gloves to life, we can aspire to the ideals of those men and women in bright costumes who fight for a better tomorrow.

DC has always tinkered with their multi-verse, all comics companies do, and it usually starts well then goes spectacularly wrong. The last attempt to right the ship Convergence was universally panned as a mess, a half hearted attempt to glance at better days and show everything was fine for the wider DCU, but we still ended up back in the shadows of the darker dis-jointed ongoing 52-verse. Sales of books tanked and then got lower, unbelievable for characters that are decades old pop icons. Some great smaller books did come out like Midnighter and Omega Men, and some others found their stride but they all got dragged down by the ongoing crisis if you'll excuse the pun.

With Rebirth all eyes are on Geoff Johns to work his sometimes hit sometimes miss magic to do what seems to be impossible. He's aided by Gary Frank on art which as always lends any book he draws a level of emotion that a lot of artists just can't match, and in Rebirth #1 Frank's skill is needed more than ever, and man he delivers.

But this is all about Johns story, the direction for the DCU. The basics have leaked but if you haven't read them I'll not spoil it here, it's controversial for comics purists, but rather fascinating to see where it goes.

But does any of it work?

Well damn it Johns must have got his coffee on time the morning he started penning this because he's on top form here, and for the first time in years I'm excited to read DC again!

We're given a speedy tour of the current state of the DCU coupled with a tender reminder of all that's come before. All of this is part of a desperate attempt to fix catastrophic damage done by an unseen hand to our heroes (I hope Dan Dido and Jim lee take this as a good slap in the face, they deserve it but I don't think they're tuned in enough to notice).

It brings back a missing hero in a superb way, and I'll freely admit I got misty eye'd at what might have been his final goodbye, and our goodbye to all that we loved about DC.

This could still go off the rails and crash in a giant fireball, but for now, for me at least, the DCU is up and running again, let's see how far and how fast they can go. :-)

Pull it, wait for the trade, or skip it?


Nick Moore is co-owner of The Comic Book Community and has had a comics problem for the last 35 years. If you want to know more, the path starts here;

DC Rebirth #1
Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez, Ethan Van Sciver
Cover by Gary Frank
81 Pages
Print Release Date, 25 May 2016
Digital Release Date, 25 May 2016
Age Rating12+ Only

#dcrebirth   #dccomics   #comics   #review  
Kevin Birtcher's profile photo
I'm finding it difficult to figure out exactly how I feel about the issue. On the one hand, it was pretty cool, and on the other...

It was the most DC book I've read since Multiversity. And it's easily the most Geoff Johns book I've ever read. It's so Johns that's really where the confusion sets in for me.

A lot of things happen in this book, but Johns isn't writing anything (yet?) for Rebirth, so it's up to everyone else to follow up on these plot threads. Even that's a mixed bag because after the Rise of the Seven Seas teases and another tease regarding a secret relationship between Bruce and Diana, and the ultimately disappointing waste of Pandora, I have to seriously question his ability to follow-up on his own ideas. So maybe other writers can execute them better than he would. Maybe.

Quick tangent: I laughed during the funeral scene in Civil War. It was so heavy-handed, I couldn't help but turn to my wife, she rolled her eyes, and then we both laughed, annoying the people behind us. This book is an 80-page version of that scene.

It's a horrible jumping on point for anyone new DC, but probably decent enough for any former DC readers that jumped off the New52 train. It also doesn't help inform any of the new Rebirth titles, which might actually be for the best, since, again, Johns isn't writing any of them.

I really have no idea. I'm just going to wait for the Rebirth oneshots and figure it out from there.
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Seeds Of Destruction

The regular idea of how a black hole forms is along the lines of a massive star collapsing, and that dense point of matter drawing in all around it with such power that not even light can escape.

Now researchers from Italy’s National Institute for Astrophysics and Scuola Normale Superiore have used the Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer telescopes to search for evidence of 'black hole seeds'. This alternative theory of how black holes form needs no star collapse and instead goes with the idea that a massively dense cloud of gas and dust, which under gravity can usually form a star, can also form a black hole. This could also explain how super massive black holes form directly from vast regions of gas, like the monsters that lurk in the heart of most galaxies, including of course our own Milky Way.

They've managed to spot a few candidates to give weight to their idea, and this could be another good clue as to how black holes form and function.

Image Credit : NASA/CXC/M. Weiss)

#space #blackhole #astronomy #cosmos 
Craig Krause's profile photoconcepcion gutierrez's profile photoShafqat Munir's profile photoStephanise Rivers's profile photo
Some people in this world don't even have a clue what's going on up in space because of what's happening on our beautiful Mother Earth she's amazing this whole Univers that we no of is Amazing thanks for sharing :-)
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Space Is Dangerous

Scary and deadly stuff happens beyond this island Earth in this hilarious animated short by Thomas Lucas.

#space #death #comedy
"Death in Space" is a collection of 2 second scenes depicting the many ways to meet an untimely death in outer space. I've been working on this…
Kaushalkishore Tripathi's profile photo
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Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore

CBC Features (Mods Only)  - 
What's your Pick Of The Week #CBCPickOfTheWeek

Let fellow CBCers know what's been your pull-list highlight or back catalogue gem this week in the comments, and add a few words as to why. Look forward to seeing what everyone's been reading. :-)

#comics #thecomicbookcommunity #reviews
Nick “A Dimension of Mind” Moore's profile photoKristine Wales's profile photo
Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight. This comic was crazy and it just worked. Time travel, other selves, etc. It was an awesome read.
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All-New Instagram

They held on to their skeuomorphic icon for years after the world of the web went minimal and flat, but now Instagram has finally made the leap with a new look. Both the icon has changed and a new stark black and white interface is available with version 8.0 of the app on iOS.

I like it, it's a colorful yet soft icon, and the new interface really lets the content pop. Might have to start making better use of it, and wish they'd launch an official iPad app. :-)

From Instagram

Today we’re introducing a new look. You’ll see an updated icon and app design for Instagram. Inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in gradient form.

You’ll also see updated icons for our other creative apps: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

We’ve made improvements to how the Instagram app looks on the inside as well. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.

The Instagram community has evolved over the past five years from a place to share filtered photos to so much more — a global community of interests sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day. Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.

Thank you for giving this community its life and color. You make Instagram a place to discover the wonder in the world. Every photo and video — from the littlest things to the most epic — opens a window for people to broaden their experiences and connect in new ways.

#instagram #app   #ios   #apple #iphone
Adrian Reads's profile photo
An apple a day keeps the android away
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