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Science Guy, Blogger, Writer - author of The Astonishing Adventures of Heracles Flint a scifi novel and successful Kickstarter coming in 2014. Also, Biker, Geek, Trekkie(er), Tech Fan, Comic Book Connoisseur (10,000+ collection ...I know it's mad!), Husband & Father, Movie Fan, dreams of travelling among unknown stars...
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New Twitter profiles are live for all users

Well I've spruced up my new Twitter profile page, though I don't really see how this is going to boost the service, or retain users. There's a bit of an identity crisis over at Twitter HQ these days, hopefully someone puts a firm hand on the tiller soon. However I've been around since March 2009 as my new profile now helpfully tells me, and it was my first foray into social media, so I'll stick with them :-)

#twitter   #twitterprofile2014   #socialmedia   #technology  
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Ahhh, and here it is now!
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Nick Moore

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Wonders of the Solar System...

#space #sun #solarsystem #cosmos
Our Star: The Sun

The sun is more than just the force that fuels life on Earth, it is also an amazingly destructive force, or at least, it could be. Learn about our star at:

Image via NASA
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astonishing... :)
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Wonders of the universe...

#space #astronomy #universe #cosmos
Massive Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 2841
Image Credit: Hubble, Subaru; Composition & Copyright: Robert Gendler

It is one of the more massive galaxies known. A mere 46 million light-years distant, spiral galaxy NGC 2841 can be found in the northern constellation of Ursa Major. This sharp view of the gorgeous island universe shows off a striking yellow nucleus and galactic disk. Dust lanes, small, pink star-forming regions, and young blue star clusters are embedded in the patchy, tightly wound spiral arms. In contrast, many other spirals exhibit grand, sweeping arms with large star-forming regions. NGC 2841 has a diameter of over 150,000 light-years, even larger than our own Milky Way and captured by this composite image merging exposures from the orbiting 2.4-meter Hubble Space Telescope and the ground-based 8.2-meter Subaru Telescope. X-ray images suggest that resulting winds and stellar explosions create plumes of hot gas extending into a halo around NGC 2841.
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The weird weird west :-)

#steampunk   #atomssteamandgasoline   #art   #wildwest  
A clockwork curiosity in the wild wild west

Art by Jarreau Wimberly

#steampunk #wildwest #atomssteamandgasoline   #art  
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Nick Moore

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Dragon has been captured

Another successful +SpaceX mission has arrived at the International Space Station. The Canadaarm2 grabbed it just a few minutes ago. Well done and congrats to +SpaceX and +NASA :-)

#dragon #spacex #nasa #iss #spacecraft 
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This stuff is never not amazing.
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Have him in circles
39,559 people
Wonders of the Solar System... though I'm off to dig a very deep meteor shelter :-)

#space   #solarsystem   #asteroids   #cosmos  
Asteroids in Our Inner Solar System | B612 Foundation
This video shows a simulation of estimated inner solar system asteroids in orbit around the Sun.

About B612 Foundation
"Earth—Planetary Defense: B612 seeks to create a private space mission to discover and track hundreds of thousands of asteroids. Former NASA astronauts Ed Lu and Rusty Schweickart are on a decade-long mission to find a way to stop dangerous asteroids from impacting Earth after seeing our fragile blue planet from space. As engineers and trained space travelers, they know the grave dangers of asteroid impacts – all you have to do is look at the craters on the moon. Ed Lu and Rusty Schweickart are pulling together an expert team to protect Earth."

The Sentinel Mission
Sentinel is a proposed space-based infrared (IR) survey mission to discover and catalog 90 percent of the asteroids larger than 140 meters in Earth’s region of the solar system. The mission should also discover a significant number of smaller asteroids down to a diameter of 30 meters. Sentinel will be launched into a Venus-like orbit around the sun, which significantly improves the efficiency of asteroid discovery during its 6.5 year mission.

Learn more about the B612 Foundation at:

+B612 Foundation 
+Edward Lu 
+Rusty Schweickart 

#Earth #Asteroid #B612 #NASA #NEO #Astronomy #SolarSystem #Sentinel  #Telescope #Infrared  #Mission   #Planetary  #Defense #Venus #Orbit
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Apple Campus 2, creating Apple's new home

Cutting edge green technology and a great designer are making something special. Love the way they're taking care to return 80% of the concrete site to park land :-)

#apple   #applecampus2   #technology   #architecture   #design  
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More Wonders of the universe...

#space #astronomy #universe #cosmos
The Sombrero Galaxy, also called M104 or NGC 4594, is about 28 million light-years from our planet in the constellation Virgo. It is so named because the halo surrounding its disc is unusually large, making it look like a sombrero.

Read more about it here:
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Have you taken the kids to see the Easter Bunny? Go on, they'll love it :-)

#happyeaster #easterbunny #scarybunny   #horror  
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pore kids!
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Easter fun for your little bunnies

Pace your kids chocolate consumption with a little colouring. Better yet pick up Lilith's adventures at your local comics shop, or on +comiXology at  :-)

#happyeaster   #eastercrafts   #lilithdark   #comics  
Happy Easter from #LilithDark! Here's a free coloring page just for you!
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