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Wonders of the sky at night...

#space #nightsky #moon #sanfrancisco #astronomy
A Golden Gate Eclipse
Image Credit & Copyright: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (Deep Sky Colors)

Shadows play on the water and in the sky in this panoramic view of the April 4 total lunar eclipse over San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Just within planet Earth's shadow the Full Moon's disk is still easy to spot at its brief total phase. The urban night skyscape was composed to cover the wide range of brightness visible to the eye. The shortest total lunar eclipse of the century, this eclipse was also the third in a string of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, a series known as a tetrad. Coming in nearly six month intervals, the previous two were last April 15 and October 8. The next and final eclipse in the tetrad will be on September 28. This 2014-2015 tetrad is one of 8 total lunar eclipse tetrads in the 21st century.
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A Hornet and a Dragon battling evil this #teamuptuesday :-)

#Art by Paul Renaud

#greenhornet #kato #comics 
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Love me some Green Hornet. 
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Wonders of the universe...

#space #universe #cosmos #astronomy
NGC 3293: A Bright Young Star Cluster
Image Credit & License: ESO/G. Beccari

Hot blue stars shine brightly in this beautiful, recently formed galactic or "open" star cluster. Open cluster NGC 3293 is located in the constellation Carina, lies at a distance of about 8000 light years, and has a particularly high abundance of these young bright stars. A study of NGC 3293 implies that the blue stars are only about 6 million years old, whereas the cluster's dimmer, redder stars appear to be about 20 million years old. If true, star formation in this open cluster took at least 15 million years. Even this amount of time is short, however, when compared with the billions of years stars like our Sun live, and the over-ten billion year lifetimes of many galaxies and our universe. Pictured, NGC 3293 appears just in front of a dense dust lane and red glowing hydrogen gas emanating from the Carina Nebula.
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Wonders of the universe...

#space #saturn #solarsystem #cosmos
Saturn, Tethys, Rings, and Shadows
Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, +NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, +European Space Agency, ESA, +NASA

Seen from ice moon Tethys, rings and shadows would display fantastic views of the Saturnian system. Haven't dropped in on Tethys lately? Then this gorgeous ringscape from the Cassini spacecraft will have to do for now. Caught in sunlight just below and left of picture center in 2005, Tethys itself is about 1,000 kilometers in diameter and orbits not quite five saturn-radii from the center of the gas giant planet. At that distance (around 300,000 kilometers) it is well outside Saturn's main bright rings, but Tethys is still one of five major moons that find themselves within the boundaries of the faint and tenuous outer E ring. Discovered in the 1980s, two very small moons Telesto and Calypso are locked in stable locations along Tethys' orbit. Telesto precedes and Calypso follows Tethys as the trio circles Saturn.
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Concept art for the Fantastic Four game based on the, compared to the possible horrors of the new movie, Oscar worthy classics of yesteryear ;-) #f4friday  

#Art  by

#fantasticfour   #comics   #marvel  #superheroes 
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The world of Judge Dredd made real

A city in a block is probably the way we'll end up, welcome to Peach Trees :-)

#architecture #future #judgedredd #2000ad 
Would you be happy living in a skyscraper and never going outside? It sounds depressing or perhaps dystopic, but what if that skyscraper contained everything you enjoyed about the outside world,...
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Ready to jab... jab... jab, jab, jab, this #wonderwomanwednesday  :-)

#Art  by

#wonderwoman   #comics   #dianaprince   #hero  
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+Devin Parker DC did. Several times.
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