We just launched a new way to track user timing data in Google Analytics.

I put a nice little demo on how to setup the tracking part here: goo.gl/cIpRT

I like how it formalizes how you send time data to GA. General timeOnSite metrics can be inaccurate and inflexible. Although the report is under Site Speed, you can use this to track time spent playing a level of a game, time spent watching a video, even time spent consuming content for a section of a website.

Before you could do this with events, but these new reports include a nice histogram to break down your time by different periods, which is really nice.

Also I put together this dev guide describing best practices for setting it up here: goo.gl/ywF2k

With this guide, I wrote the demo first, then documented the problems I ran into, and finally how I solved them. It's a bit different than most of the GA docs, that only describe the feature at a high level. This is a direction I want to move our developer site towards...real examples people can use, with code you can copy and paste. Let me know what you think, (or if it's way too technical).
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