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New Google Analytics API Developer Guides

If you've always want to use the Google Analytics API, well now's your chance :D

We just published a bunch of updated developer guides in Java, PHP, Python and Javascript. Also we created a HelloAnalyticsAPI tutorial that walks you through: registration, authorization, and using both the Management and Core Reporting APIs.

Here's the Hello Analytics API Tutorial:

On the Configuration side, we have guides for each entity:

And on the Core reporting guide, we have a single "rule-them-all" guide for all languages:

If these are helpful for you, let me know. I'm really interested in learning what you build!
Introduction. Writing an application that accesses Google Analytics data is a complex process. It requires the use of various APIs and an understanding of key concepts. This tutorial walks you through...
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Howdy +Nick Mihailovski. Do you have any examples of these in the wild that you can share? I've tried to follow all the right steps but still can't seem to make it work. I think seeing something concrete would help me understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!
Hmmm. I may be over my head. I tried to do a copy/paste of the example you provided in your post (following your instructions). I may need to do some more homework before I figure out why the chart won't render here:

Thanks for the tip!
oh I found it under <h2>Oooh La La</h2>...nice :p

It looks like are missing a client ID.

Go back to the docs and read through step 1. You will need to add the following line before you init a dashboard:

'apiKey': API_KEY,
'clientId': CLIENT_ID
I guess we can probably do some better error handling.
You like my terrible use of inline Javascript? This is what happens when an SEO gets lazy and wants to shortcut his reporting with GA.

I registered, turned on API services and located my API key and client ID. Then I plugged them in to the code you put in your G+ update and loaded them to my site. Still no luck though, but I feel like I'm much closer. :)
did you add the authorization button?

<button id="authorize-button" style="visibility: hidden">
Authorize Analytics</button>
Great Success! I guess if I'm going to learn how to do this, I should start by following instructions a bit better. Thanks for your time and help. Keep the Web Analytics TV coming!
How to get permanent access of Analytics using javascript ... Everytime asking for authorization. Help me out ... Thanks.....
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