Here's the 9 myths this article "debunks":

Myth 1: Left-Brained People Are Organized, Right-Brained People Are Creative
Myth 2: Your Memory Is An Exact Account of What You See and Experience
Myth 3: You Only Use 10% of Your Brain
Myth 4: Alcohol Kills Brain Cells
Myth 5: The Internet Is Making Us Dumber
Myth 6: Listening to Classical Music Turns Babies into Geniuses
Myth 7: Brain Games Make You Smarter
Myth 8: Your IQ Is Fixed and Stays the Same Throughout Your Life
Myth 9: Your Brain Works Better Under Pressure

I thought that some of these were significant enough that it may change some people's behavior, or the way they talk about things. Worth reading. :-) Also, since the descriptions are brief, I'm not convinced the germ of some of these ideas have really been "debunked" :-)
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