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Nick Manteris
Austin, TX SEO Manager / Internet Marketer
Austin, TX SEO Manager / Internet Marketer

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My bud Kristen and her 2 besties Jessica & Brooke perform one wicked acoustic Christmas mashup! #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear #wowthatwasonelongasshashtag

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So, it seems about the time to check back in with Google Plus.

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In 2011 under half of all US violent crimes were solved. Watch this video on how ending the #warondrugs could help

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Wow. If wilw can have days like this, then it must not be so bad after all...
Yeah, this is one of those days when my stupid goddamn depression and anxiety make me want to just crawl back into bed and hide from the world.

The really frustrating thing is, there’s no good reason for it to be like this. It’s been a great week, it’s going to be a wonderful weekend, and we’re FINALLY getting some work done on the house we’ve wanted to have done since March. Everything is awesome, but my brain is still MMMMMARRAAAHHH today.

I guess I’m posting this as a reminder to my fellow depression havers: even when there’s no good reason for our brains to make us have a MMMMMARRAAAHHH day, sometimes it happens. It will get better. It will pass. Depression lies, and sometimes it just screams MMMMMARRAAAHHH at us because it’s a dick.

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I remixed an REM song :P

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silly 5 minute retexture...

So, I just tried to watch a video that I found here on G+

...and I discovered - with much surprise - that it was a LIVE talk, broadcast through Google Hangout.

That's not something that happens on Facebook. 
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