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Last week the FASTER cable, a new transpacific network link with a theoretical peak capacity of 60 Tbps (that's 60 million megabits), landed in Japan.  FASTER is a joint project between Google and several ISPs to provide, well, faster Internet speeds between the two regions.  The album (with pictures courtesy of give you a quick overview of how such a cable is installed.

PS: see how this was done in 1956 for TAT-1, the first modern transatlantic telephone cable (with capacity for 36 phone calls, or about 0.2 megabits):
FASTER cable landing in Japan
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If  told you that any K-12 student in the US can get full access to all O'Reilly books and videos via a free Safari subscription, you'd be looking for the catch.  There isn't one (except that it's only open to US students - sorry. If anyone has ideas about how we can validate young people in other countries, we can explore adding them.

 +Andrew Savikas explains how this came about. Congratulations to the Safari team, especially +Keith Fahlgren, who took the bit in his teeth and figured out how to make this happen.  I particularly like how the Safari team figured out how to make this an internet self-service play rather than something we had to work through bureaucratic channels.

And thanks to the folks at the White House, who used their convening power to get a whole lot of donations to help kickstart better STEM education in America.

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About time...maybe I'll port my number back in some day.
Expanding carrier support for Google Voice MMS

When your sister texts you a picture of your newborn niece, it’s really important that you get it. For too long, however, Google Voice users would miss these messages for lack of MMS support.

We’ve been working with nearly 100 different North American carriers to enable this feature — including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus, and many more — and starting today all these integrations are live. So enjoy those incoming pics, say goodbye to fomo (fear of missing out), and stay tuned for more Google Voice messaging improvements!

p.s. If you’re a carrier, and you want to enable MMS support for Google Voice, please let us know. We’re big fans of text messaging interoperability.

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Beautiful. Real-time in-flight tracking of about 9,000 planes (mostly passenger/cargo). Not sure what fraction of the total large-plane air traffic this is.
At a given moment, this is our air traffic around the world.

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Best PSA for sunscreen ever.

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This is where I first dived when I visited +William Ting in 2011 =D
Final certification dive. 

My army of scuba-diving minions is (slowly, oh so slowly) taking shape. This is Daniela showing perfect form under water at Mala Pier during her final cert dive. 

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Love this.
Cool new feature in Street View: where available, see images from previous years.  If you're a kid today, 50 years from now you'll be able to walk through the memories of your old neighborhood. Video:, article below.

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This is pretty much the best thing.

CC +William Ting 
Java! Real or Not?

A new game that has you guessing which Java class names are real, and which ones are fake. Way harder than it sounds: #java
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