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Nick Leffler
I help bring new customers to your businesses online by building a digital brand that converts visitors into customers.
I help bring new customers to your businesses online by building a digital brand that converts visitors into customers.

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Click the link below to get your personalized report to learn how you can grow your business online. #smallbiz

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Your small business relies on a useful and efficient website. Making sure the images are compressed is one way to ensure visitors come to your website and stay. #smallbiz #smallbusiness

An efficient and fast small business website has a direct impact on how well your website works for you. Efficient small business website images plays a huge part in your website. Search engines partially rank your website on speed and even more…

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This is a comprehensive guide on setting up your small business YouTube channel. It will help you create brand consistency and drive visitors to your business. #smallbusiness #smallbiz

This post will help you set up your small business YouTube channel. YouTube will give your small business access to thousands of consumers you attract with great video content. With a well set up YouTube channel, you'll have a great online presence that…

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Thinking of good blog post ideas is only part of the puzzle. There needs to be good ideas that are also something that help draw in your audience. There are plenty of sources you can use to gather good and useful blog post ideas.

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Google is sending you messages of how important it is to secure your business website, are you listening? #smallbiz #smallbusiness

Your small business relies on building trust with customers to get business and continue to get repeat business. A secure website is one part in the process of building trust online, a hard thing to do. Find out how Google is giving you more incentives to…

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It's time for your small business to have a website that brings customers to you. You shouldn't always have to bring people to your website. #smallbiz #smallbusiness

A small business website is useful if you want to always do all the work to drive visitors to it. There is a better way, though. Learn some of the basic techniques to create a useful small business website that does more than provide information. Drive…

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Engagement is driven by visuals on the internet. Do you have reasonably prices sources to download legal images? #smallbiz #smallbusiness

You want to grab visitors attention when they see your brand online. Reasonably priced images will help you enhance your brand and grow your business online. Read this to get some great options for finding reasonably priced images.

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Social media is changing rapidly. Are you still doing things the old way and failing or have you tried some new ways of engaging potential customer and finding new ones? #smallbiz #smallbusiness

The future of social media is changing and as a small business owner you need to make sure you're adapting. The old ways of being all about media and no social won't work. Wasting time on things that don't work isn't going to help you. Rather than quit…

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Do you have realistic expectations for the future of search engine optimization? Read this to see where it's headed in 2017 and what you should expect for your small business. #smallbiz #smallbusiness

The future of search engine optimization is moving away from being all about search engines to being more for the people they serve. This post covers the changes that will happen and how it will benefit your small business by moving away from the old ways.

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Stay away from copyrighted materials to save you a lot of hassle for your small business. #smallbiz #smallbusiness

Make sure you're protecting your small business from financial ruin. Steering clear of copyrighted material will protect you from copyright infringement. Copyright infringement can cost your business a lot of money and easily put you and your business in…
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