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Here's a big circle of SEO people. I didn't put this together myself, but thought I would pass it on.

If you have to ask, you probably don't belong on the list. These are mostly people who are proven professionals, not a list of people who just decided to do SEO.
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Hello Nick from Charleston, South Carolina. I'm an Online Marketing Consultant helping small businesses in the Lowcountry. Would love to be added to your circle. Thanks.
Nick, please add me as well. Looking forward to joining the circle
+Nick Ker , I would love to be part of this circle.
Can you add me please?

+Ranjana Jha
Hi! i am an an online marketer/SEO guy myself and would love to be a part of your circle!
+Nick Ker , I would love to be part of this circle. im SEO Consultant in Indonesia 
Can you add me please?
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