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International Medium & Healer


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I am thinking of offering online classes in psychic awareness and mediumship development.

If you are interested please forward your interest to

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Paranormal Investigation at Smithills Hall in Bolton on the 7th October 2017 with International medium Nick Humphries.
If you're into ghost hunting or just starting, then this is the event and location for you.

Join Nick and his team for a fantastic night of spooky investigating at the beautiful Smithills Hall, Bolton, as you delve into 700 years of history. You will travel through tom from the medieval, Tudor & Victorian eras in vast but beautiful building.

During the night and with the help from Nick you will become the the investigators and mediums to search for ghosts and spirits, as you take part in seances and various experiments as a group and on loan vigils to make contact with those from the other side of life that still reside there. There are many rooms to Smithills and for those brave enough and not afraid of the dark, you will be given the chance to have a loan vigil with only a walkie talkie as your lifeline.

Although Nick and his team have never held a Paranormal investigation at Smithills Hall before, it's a fantastic location and one that promises to share its paranormal life, and one place you don't want to miss out on going too.

There will also be a number of static cameras placed around Smithills Hall along with monitors set up in the base room for you all to view. On top of all this Nick and his team will be doing something a little different. You will also be given the chance to use some of the equipment hand for a Spirit Box, EVP recorder, Thermal Imager, and Handheld Night Vision Camcorders.

Doors open at 8pm for an 8.30 start (please do not be late) as the door will be locked and we will start with you, the event will be finishing at 1.45 am, to be out by 2am.

Cash price for tickets are £35 or £36 if you would like to pay over the phone by card or PayPal.

Hot drinks and light snacks will be supplied, but please your own food as investigating is hungry work.

Please wear trainers or soft soled shoes and dark clothing and bring a torch.

The use of your own equipment is permitted however, any loss or damage cannot be claimed against Nick or his team.

Not alcohol or drugs are permitted, anyone deemed to be under the influence or being abusive to a member of the public or team will be removed from the building and no refund will be given, so your cooperation is appreciated.

To book your ticket please call 07970 668307 where payment can be taken over the phone, alternatively you can make payment below by clicking the link below.

Anything spiritual or paranormal that takes place on the night is to be seen as entertainment only.

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I've not been on here for a while so let me tell you whats new. New website has now gone live. New paranormal investigation starting in october and my new radio show is being planned. All information is on the site but I will post stuff on here to.

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This is our recent interview for an american radio show, listen in carefully at the 21 minute mark, you will here christine say that she has spoken to her grandfathers and aunty from the spirit world. Adam Ginsberg​ then acknowledges with a hmm hmm but right after there is another voice that neither mine or Christines or even adams, Is this an EVP caught live on air??? what do you think? Please let us know your thoughts.

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