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In Alabama, Homebrewing Beer/Cider/Mead is illegal. Its not illegal in 48 other states (guess which two it's not, hint.. I already told you one of them) and federally. In Alabama if you are caught making any amount of Beer/Cider/Mead it is a Felony offence and you will go away to jail and lose your job. Please take 5 minutes and email out in support of HB354.
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Really? That's shocking. I'm from Tennessee and I'd always heard that brewing beer or making whiskey (moonshine) was legal as long as it was for personal use and below a certain quantity. Only selling it is illegal. I'd never thought of that being different here in Alabama. Crazy.
Distilling spirits without a license is very illegal in every state. Its a federal issue not state. Everything is different in Alabama.
Words to live by? "Everything is different in Alabama." ;) I've never tried making moonshine and don't plan on it, so I haven't looked into it much. Just going by what I've heard. :)
As far as "moonshine", apparently you can get a license for making ethanol (with certain limits) here in 'Bama.
Yeah you can. I know a guy who makes it. But it can only be sold as fuel or something other than liquor.
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