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Nick Hope
English filmmaker. Mostly underwater.
English filmmaker. Mostly underwater.

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Sunrise on Doi Pha Hom Pok (ดอยผ้าห่มปก), Thailand's 2nd-highest mountain, followed by a pleasant descent down the National Park's nature trail with +Worapan Worasattayaporn

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Waffle, wild-camping and dehydration on another north Thailand mountain with +Worapan Worasattayaporn. This time Doi Langka Luang (ดอยลังกาหลวง). A memorable, independent adventure! #Thailand #trekking

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Climbing Doi Luang Chiang Dao (ดอยหลวงเชียงดาว), Thailand's 3rd highest mountain, with +Worapan Worasattayaporn. Our first attempt at a vlog, and plenty to improve on (especially the audio), but hopefully useful for anyone who wants to climb the mountain, and a bit of escapism for others.

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I made a short video of humpback whales in Tonga for the Digitalay film party at the Thailand Dive Expo (TDEX) last Saturday. Now I've made a mostly-slomo version of it forYouTube, which I hope this conveys some of the awe of being in the water with these magnificent animals.
#humpbackwhales #whales #underwater #Tonga  

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My new short macro video of nudibranchs mating.
Last year when I was diving at Anilao in the Philippines I got some nice footage of Nembrotha chamberlaini mating. The first pair was at Red Rock and the second at Twin Rocks. It was the first trip with my Panasonic GH4 camera.

Nudibranchs have barbed penises to hold them together during mating, and the footage at the end shows the effort and twisting movement required by that pair to withdraw.

#nudibranchs #seaslug  

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I was bored while sheltering from the rain at the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park and noticed ants eating some discarded gums on the ground. They're having a good old feast, and, with echoes of Augustus Gloop, some of them meet a decidedly sticky end.

If anyone knows what species these ants are, please tell me. I don't know much about ants.

I shot them with my Sony RX100 Mk1 and cheapo Opteka macro diopter and I don't think the result is too bad. Also, it's my first 60p upload on YouTube.

The music is "On the Cool Side" by Kevin MacLeod of

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The bryozoan goby, crab and shrimp all live in these pretty lacy bryozoans in Indonesia. My new video...
My new video taking a quick look at the near-white lacy bryozoan,  Triphyllozoon inornatum, which has been getting attention recently since divers started noticing its interesting inhabitants. This video features a bryozoan goby, a bryozoan crab, and a bryozoan snapping shrimp from the Lembeh Strait, all blending perfectly into the pale background. Thanks to Hiros Tempone of +YOS Dive Lembeh for finding the critters in this video.
#bryozoan #goby #snappingshrimp #Lembeh  

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I shot this footage of a sap-sucking sea slug in the Lembeh Strait recently. Looks like it might be a new species in the Stiliger genus.

#seaslug #marinebiology  

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No, it's not an April fool, I actually finished the DVD version of my documentary, Mucky Secrets - The Marine Creatures of the Lembeh Strait.

This version nearly didn't happen, but I got a few requests, and there's a small ongoing market for DVDs, so I pulled my finger out and got it made.

Really pleased with the result, and I now feel like I have a little collection, rather than just a couple of DVDs.
I'm delighted to announce that my 3rd DVD, Mucky Secrets - The Marine Creatures of the Lembeh Strait, is finally available at

I worked really hard to make this as good as it could be, and I'm very happy with the result. There are interactive menus and subtitle tracks of either my narration, or the names of the species and dive sites.

Besides the prologue video and the main feature, I also found space to include my older 19-minute Lembeh video as a bonus feature.

#scubadiving #underwater #marinebiology #LembehStrait  

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Why just post some footage of a sea urchin when you can concoct a pompous, pretentious brainfart like this?...
The fire urchin, Asthenosoma varium, is not something you want to sit on. It makes the perfect refuge and transport for Coleman shrimps, urchin shrimps, and zebra crabs.

#fireurchin #Colemanshrimp #Anilao  
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