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Nick Hepler
Information Scientist, Technology Enthusiast & Keyboard Ninja
Information Scientist, Technology Enthusiast & Keyboard Ninja

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Canadian commercials are always way better than what we get. Luge

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The Canadian Ministry of Health launched a PSA against social farting to make a point about social smoking.

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+Lifehacker answered my question on last week’s podcast (@33:24)! Unfortunately, they confirmed I would have to reformat the hard drive. Not sure why Lenovo ships drives formatted this way.

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Debating rather or not I should give this a whirl on my Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ or Nexus 7 tablet.

Just got the update for Android Jelly Bean 4.2, I love not having to wait 9 months for updates like those on Verizon/AT&T!

Dear +Mashable enough of the 'Gangnam Style’ meme already.

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One of these might maybe my next batch of beer.

I have been playing with the Office 2013 Consumer Preview and so far I like it. My favorite new feature is the live layout for images. One thing it is still severely lacking is tabbed viewing of multiple files.

Finally upgrading my 64-bit computer to run 64-bit OS(es)

Begone from my Facebook news feed annoying "someecards"!
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