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Long night last night, but I couldn't miss a #MacroMonday  now could I? This week's mini-theme is "things you'd find in a home office" - so I grabbed the first thing I could find when I made it home this morning. I don't know about you, but I loves me some staples. 

Curated by +Kerry Murphy, +Jennifer Eden and +Kelli Seeger Kim!
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Thanks +Kerry Murphy! I didn't really plan on the reflections, but they were just too cool not to play with once I noticed them. :) 

+Mark Rodriguez - Thanks dude!
Very cool nick! I couldn't tell what this at first!
Wow that's cool, I thought it was something architectural (or maybe an escalator) until I read the description!  Great shot!
this is brilliant - I don't think I would have guessed they were staples!  +Nick Gatens 
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