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Finishing edits on a lot of photos from the photowalk today. I'm finally feeling a little more well rested, but I had no idea how much that would wear me out!

This is a shot of the decoration found on a globe light hanging in the WV State Capitol building (I'm looking straight up from underneath.)

One of my personal favorites from the weekend - I like photographs that don't look like photographs - and I don't find opportunities to shoot those all that often.

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I would never have known what this was if you hadn't have told us. cool beans.
Photos that don't look like photos FTW. :-)
Very cool shot... I think I see the light! ;)
+Mark Rodriguez - Shane and I both thought the same thing - all that graphic design influence I suppose.

+Dawn Ellen Miller - Thank you!

+Anna Lowry - Heck yeah! You're one of the ones that inspired me to try and do more of that way back when!

+LaDonna Pride - Thank you so much! =)

+Gary Munroe - It is definitely a light - I'm not sure it's the light, though I did feel a strange urge to move closer while shooting it. ;)

+Richard Franco - Thank you so much! I appreciate it.
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