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I find it very odd that Android Pay seems to be putting its loyalty integrations behind complicated mazes. For example, the My Coke Rewards auto-redeem integration that was demoed at I/O - not able to be found in the app itself, or in any help files that I could find. I had to do a search for it, and find the page within Coke's website with a small button asking to integrate, which then made the new card appear in my card reel.

This one-tap for loyalty and payment is brilliant, and could really take off if other merchants used it outside of just vending machines...but especially if they marketed better that the option was available.
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Sitting here with the Marshmallow final release, and Now On Tap has been replaced by just going to the Now screen. That's odd.
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Android Support Library 22.2.1 available now
This release is focused on product quality and stability, with a healthy dose of bugs and edge cases now fixed, particularly for users of the Android Design Library ( introduced in version 22.2.0.

You’ll also find a number of API improvements as well:
- FloatingActionButton’s new show() and hide() methods to allow triggering the appropriate animations programmatically
- Snackbar gains LENGTH_INDEFINITE for continuing to show a Snackbar until it is dismissed or another Snackbar is shown
- TabLayout now allows you to retrieve the currently selected tab via getSelectedTabPosition()
- NotificationCompat.MediaStyle now uses a fully fluent API, allowing chaining methods together
- RecyclerView’s SortedList now has convenience methods to batch insert items

Please continue to file any Support Library bugs at
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Introducing Constant Contact mobile! Control your email campaigns from anywhere, anytime.
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I'm a developer for Android applications, and we previously used the Google+ App's photo editing capabilities as part of our flow. We were able to send the photo to the G+ app, telling it we wanted to edit and receive the image back, and the edited image would be sent back to our app with the user.

Since the changeover to the new Photos app, we can send the photo to the new app, but after the user is done editing, the photo isn't sent back to us like it was previously. In technical terms, we receive an Intent back from the Photos app with a type of "image/jpg", but the data and extras are null, so the Uri to the photo is not given to us like before.

I wasn't sure where to pose this question first, as the developer support areas seem to be only for services and platforms, and not integration with apps. Any way this can get communicated to the Google Photos App for Android engineering team?

(I also apologize for the channel this is under, I meant to put it under Photos Help, but that category was unavailable.)

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"The Apple Watch ... is kind of slow."

"Sometimes apps take forever to load, and sometimes third-party apps never really load at all. Sometimes it’s just unresponsive for a few seconds while it thinks and then it comes back."

"It’s also surprisingly heavy."

"[The] side button is extraordinarily confusing."

"In the first of many moments where the Watch felt underpowered, I found that the screen lit up a couple of ticks too slowly: I’d raise my wrist, wait a beat, and then the screen would turn on."

"Having a screen that constantly flips on and off is definitely behind the curve."

"There’s no particularly great digital face, and there’s no ability to load up your own watch faces or buy new ones from the store."

"There’s no master switch to turn all notifications on and off, which is a huge pain."

"By the end of each day, I was hyper-aware of how low the Apple Watch battery had gotten."

"You only get a charging cable, which is lame. For $700, you should a nice charging stand, like you get with the $249 Moto 360."

"There’s virtually nothing I can’t do faster or better with access to a laptop or a phone except perhaps check the time."

"There’s no question that the Apple Watch is the most capable smartwatch available today."

Animated Photo
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Okay Google, any time you're ready to put that Nexus 6 in stock, you just let me know. I'll be over here waiting.
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Been waiting for this to show up.

Oh, and most of these shots are #throughglass
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