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To reach out and touch a star.....
To reach out and touch a star.....

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I just love this! Especially the part where the kids' feelings were taken into consideration. Helping kids who are at a disadvantage like that feel special and valuable adds value to our own society.

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And one more inspiration..... 

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In celebration of another semester in the books, I found this to describe the situation lol

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Another before and after. Today the shocks, brakes, and steering were cut out.
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I am working on solving the Biot-Savart Law equation for the magnetic field around a charged ring of uniform current density. The expression that Mathematica gives is rather nasty, as expected. Notice that the limits of integration are not included in the solution. Mathematica rejects the bounds of integration by silently refusing to even consider a solution (literally, it sits there for several minutes "Running..." and then just stops like nothing ever happened). My idea was that since Mathematica didn't mind handing over the indefinite integral, that I could turn it into a function of theta and manually apply the first fundamental theorem of calculus. For some reason, I can't seem to convince Mathematica that I want this to be a function that I want evaluated at 2Pi and at 0 so that they can be subtracted. Here is the code up to the integration. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

l[Theta_]:={s Cos[Theta],s Sin[Theta],0};
B=(m/4*Pi) Integrate[(Integrand),Theta,GenerateConditions ->False]

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This is a strange idea for a hubless bike to get us thinking about alternative wheel construction. Can you imagine someone showing up to competition with wheels like that?

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We have been mentioning Fusion 360 for the last couple of weeks. I had installed the trial a couple of months ago and got my account updated today. This doesn't seem too hard to use but it will take a little bit of time.... these guys make it look too easy.....

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So this is basically what we are working with. We made a short test run to get a better idea of what we need to work on.
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So NASA's Eagleworks laboratory has released what they say is confirming evidence for the proof of concept of an "impossible" engine configuration for spacecraft propulsion, a reactionless drive called a quantum vacuum plasma thruster. 

The last sentence of the first paragraph says it all:
"Either the results are completely wrong, or Nasa has confirmed a major breakthrough in space propulsion."

This baby is about to be either further validated or put to rest for good. Either way, let the party begin!
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