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I'm back and I wrote a small thing to explain: "Let's Talk About Depression, Part Two" ~

Some of you who follow me closely on social media may have noticed that I removed myself from the major websites that I use over this past weekend. As you may be able to deduce based on the subject matter of this post, I did this because I had an episode…

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Behind the Ghost in the Shell

Disclaimer: The contents of this post may contain light spoilers to the Ghost in the Shell anime television series, but try to focus on the general concepts of the series without revealing specific story details. Anime interests and fascinates me, as it…

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Let's Talk About Depression

Depression is a topic that people don’t like talking about often. There are plenty of reasons why that might be. It could be because talking to someone who is depressed is hard, or that talking about depression makes some people feel weak. In addition,…

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I wrote some things. Because I could. // NEW POST: Weasel's BlizzCon 2015 Opening Ceremony Impressions ~

Its a shame that someone has to write a disclaimer before sharing their opinion on something, but just so that you, the valued reader, is aware, I have not played every Blizzard game that exists, nor have I fully beaten all of the single player campaigns…

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This is very important. I have a financial problem and, friends, I need your help ~

I’m going to try and keep this simple and to the point. Friends, I need your help. About two months ago, I lost my job, and since then, have been desperately trying to find a new one. However, the market has not been kind to me. Because of this, I have…

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NEW POST: Thanks, Kyle ~

I’m no stranger to losing friends, for a number of various reasons, and while I am not losing the friend that I am about to mention, he is moving away, and while it causes me great sadness, I know he is going to have a great time where he is going. This…

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Notes on PlayerWon's Anniversary Spectacular Event ~

The PlayerWon One-Year Anniversary Spectacular LIVE is a huge undertaking for me, and while there is a lot of planning that is going in to making the event as amazing as possible, there are a lot of things that I want to make sure to get prepared for it…

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Poll: @PlayerWonTV One-Year Anniversary Event Participation (cc: @GlitchMN, @the_nerdery, @FFGames) ~ Please share! ~

Hey, thanks for taking the time to read this! As you may or may not be aware, PlayerWon celebrates its one-year anniversary on Friday, March 20, 2015. We’re super excited for it, and are proud to have succeeded in running unique programming for almost…

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#PlayerWon is live with #PWMistakesWereMade #DarkSouls2! Help us get the word out about our new season w/ a share?

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Behind the Scenes: PlayerWon's 24-Hour Extra Life Marathon

Yesterday, myself and a handful of my friends and colleagues completed streaming for twenty-four full hours of gaming in support of the Extra Life charity organization and the Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare facility here in St. Paul, Minnesota.…
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