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After any kind of disaster, what is the one thing a city needs more than anything?


What’s the second most important?

A reason to be happy.

During Hurricane Harvey, countless people lost everything they had. The city suffered innumerable property damage and loss.

Canceling any event in the wake of this tragedy is just going to create more. Canceling an event that would bring in thousands of dollars from out of state tourism is further disastrous.

The Exo5 Houston anomaly scheduled for November 4th was something for agents affected by the hurricane to look forward to. A reason to be hopeful, a reason to smile and see friends when they’ve just lost everything they’ve owned. For some, it was a reason to return to normal, because a job and prep work still needed to be done.

For the city of Houston, this anomaly meant money poured into the local economy. Money from hotels, entertainment and food sales. It was a way to bring people to a city hit hard by Mother Nature, people who wouldn’t come for any other reason besides the XM anomaly.

The intent behind replacing Exo5 with an Operation Clear Field event was heartfelt. OCF events are community service driven. But they don’t drive attendance like an anomaly does. I’ve been coast to coast for XM anomalies (more than once). I didn’t attend one of the three OCF events that happened in Michigan this past summer.

The area in which the anomaly would take place is largely undamaged, and the city will continue to make repairs to the surrounding areas up to and past the date Exo5 was scheduled to happen. The Houston government is urging planners not to cancel events, because they know what they mean for the city at large.

In the wake of such a disaster, I can’t think of one thing better Niantic can do for the healing city of Houston.

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +John Hanke

#IStandwithHouston #HoustonStrong
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Congratulations to San Diego Enlightened for completing Misty's mission challenge!


Decoding credit: @kokuryuu +Richard Jennings

Mission credit: +Trumaster36 +Brendan McGrath

Camping credit: +Theresa Bills @lOV43 @will99 @nowbanana @Happyc1

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Added photos to Detroit NL 1331.
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I agree with this fully
As anomalies have grown and evolved over the last five years, they have changed from simple battles that you can just show up and play into large scale, full weekend events that require a great deal of coordination and planning.

People are now traveling across many state and international lines to attend XM anomalies, and other related activities like GoRuck and Mission Day.

To not even entertain the idea of a Mission Day at the current Q3 anomaly sites is going to have a disastrous affect on attendance. People look forward to the post anomaly missions as a way to hang out with new friends, get unique portal visits/captures, and decompress from the stress of the anomaly the previous day.

Mission days are planned out by the local ENL and RES points of contact and communities, with the missions being put together by people that know the area and submitted to Niantic for approval and publishing. City tourism boards are contacted by the POC’s and approval is gotten this way. Even event check in is handled by the local agents or submitted via e-mail to Niantic.

Events like 13Magnus Reawakens at Camp Navarro require significantly more time and resources by comparison. With the characters there all weekend, the campsite rental, the design work and the limited edition T-shirts, it tied up far more money and time for Niantic than a Mission Day event after an anomaly.

The missions for Mission Day Seattle, Indianapolis and Oakland have been done by over 450, 300 and 400 people, respectively. These missions are a small price to pay for player enjoyment for years to come and should definitely be considered for all anomaly sites, especially given the tiering of the Mission Day badge.

Especially taking into account Asian and European sites will likely be having Mission Days, and MD Portland is confirmed, it is very unbalanced to not consider having one in other US cities if local agents are willing to do the work.

If you have cities willing to put in the time and work required for these events, we strongly request Niantic to consider sanctioning them.

+John Hanke +Andrew Krug +Ethan Lepouttre +Chiplander +NIA Ops +Ingress
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The Niantic Project Valentine's Day Cards
Inspired by last year's Ingress valentines, I have created a set for the Niantic Project investigators. Enjoy!
+Ingress +Niantic Project //  #ingress   #niantic   #nianticproject   #valentinesday  

Many thanks to +Guy Wyant +Casey Harmon +Joshua Patterson +Nick Simpson for their contributions to this set.
Niantic Project Valentine's Day Cards
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Rip sir John hurt. You were amazing in so many movies, snow piercer stands out in recent memory, but to many of us, you were the perfect personification of the war doctor. May you find peace.
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Was so sad to read about this yesterday.
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RIP Miguel Ferrer. His characters were always enjoyable even if you loved to hate him a little (like in NCIS:LA)
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Today is veterans day. Let us all remember the men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms, so that we don't live in a perverse world like in some books. I never served but i worked with men and women who did. I have family who did. I know people who serve now. I know i do not thank them enough for their service, and their sacrifice. No matter what else is happen today, or what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, take the time to thank a Veteran. Shake their hand or give them a hug and say thank you. Ask if there is ANYTHING you can do for THEM today, considering how much they gave up to protect you. Thank you Veterans present, past, and future.
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