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The Niantic Project Valentine's Day Cards
Inspired by last year's Ingress valentines, I have created a set for the Niantic Project investigators. Enjoy!
+Ingress +Niantic Project //  #ingress   #niantic   #nianticproject   #valentinesday  

Many thanks to +Guy Wyant +Casey Harmon +Joshua Patterson +Nick Simpson for their contributions to this set.
Niantic Project Valentine's Day Cards
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Rip sir John hurt. You were amazing in so many movies, snow piercer stands out in recent memory, but to many of us, you were the perfect personification of the war doctor. May you find peace.

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Was so sad to read about this yesterday. 

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RIP Miguel Ferrer. His characters were always enjoyable even if you loved to hate him a little (like in NCIS:LA) 

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Today is veterans day. Let us all remember the men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms, so that we don't live in a perverse world like in some books. I never served but i worked with men and women who did. I have family who did. I know people who serve now. I know i do not thank them enough for their service, and their sacrifice. No matter what else is happen today, or what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, take the time to thank a Veteran. Shake their hand or give them a hug and say thank you. Ask if there is ANYTHING you can do for THEM today, considering how much they gave up to protect you. Thank you Veterans present, past, and future. 

Well it's the day after election day

Wow. What an election cycle.

everyone burned out yet? Good then i'll keep this short, or try to.

I just want to take a minute and say "thank you" to everyone who voted, i don't care if you voted for the Toupee, or the Liar, or the Ignorant One, or the Crazy Lady, you voted, and i am proud you did that. Keep doing that

I just want to ask 2 small things of you....of all of you...
1: we all know politics sucks, and it's divisive, and it's a quagmire, but let's not shut it our of our lives anymore. It's become taboo to talk about it, but it shouldn't be. My cousin Jeff Brickman and i had some lovely chats in total disagreement with each other, but it was civil, it was thought provoking, and we are still the closest of friends after it, so let's start there, talk to people about politics, keep an open mind, do some damn fact checking and read up on people next time. Don't listen to the news, look how wrong they were, about everything, and everyone, start thinking for yourself. Honestly, next time you need to vote, turn off the TV and go to websites like and and to see whats coming up and how people are voting on it. Be your own news. Anyone can tell you anything you want to hear and they prey on the fact you won't look it up. But i encourage you to do so, and encourage your children, friends, and parents to do so also. Be smart, learn something. Remember the first time you saw the Mentos in Coke video on the internet and was blown away at crazy science? you can get that same feeling about politics, and you should

almost done

2: and this is the last thing, but i want to leave you with a question. Everyone on all sides of the fence wanted "change" we wanted to "save america" and "make america great again" and every other statement about making progress and moving us forward. and take the President elect out of the question at the moment. I want you to look at the house and senate (You can look here… and here,_2016) and i want you to tell me what you see. Do you see it yet? No? Let me clue you in then...Look at how many people got re-elected. Look at how many NOT NEW names are on that list. Look at how many OF THE SAME PEOPLE making THE SAME DECISIONS FOR THE LAST 12 YEARS OR SO are back in their seats of power. You may have wanted change, but did you really get it? Or did you only look at one piece of the puzzle, and not the puzzle as a whole? Sit and chew on that for a while.

Anyways, now back to life, and making things great, hug your neighbor, hug your friend with dumb political views, get a beer and laugh with everyone you argued with the last few months and reconnect as humans, because in the end, we ARE all in this together, and above all else, we should never lose focus of that.

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Man, it's only been just over a year and my oh my how much change has happened in one small year. #GooglePhotos

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So far all the pictures of the house from when we got it until today and documents all the work we have done. Album will be updated every few days with new photos.

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Man do I love this show at times.
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