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Nice. Feels like I should be thrashing about under strobes & lasers at 2am rather than sitting in my home office at 10am on a Monday! :P
It's Hardfloor's finest moment. The track on my iPod is 8 minutes long. Usually it takes me 10 minutes to walk to work, but with this playing this morning I arrived before the track had ended. Acid productivity.
Always had a thing for a track of theirs that was on the 10" that came with the limited edition of Respect.

Hardfloor - Lost In The Silver Box

Like being repetitively beaten over the head by a hammer made of marshmallows.

(seems it was on an earlier record so I'll use that version, it's a minute longer)
Good track, but bloody hell Hardfloor were phoning it in during that period. All their remixes sounded the same and they all sounded like Acperience 1.
I think I have Lost in the Silver Box on my CD of TB Resuscitation. I have to be careful or I'll end up posting a video of Drug Overlord, just for a laugh.
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