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Hello People - my podcast is now available from Google Play!  FREE fun for the whole family!!

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Hi folks, I'll be back on the airwaves and this time UNCENSORED Can't wait! #Podcast soon on The RiotCast Network

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I will be performing at the George Carlin Benefit next wed at Gotham Comedy and  you can find ticket info right here

A letter to God: Dear God, James Gandolfini? Really? You couldn't take somebody from The Big Bang Theory? You suck!

I wish there was a Twitter pill my wife could take that would keep her stories to 140 characters or less.

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Come see me at Carolines on Broadway Jun 12-13 if you'll be in the City #TimesSquare, #NYC 

Human Rights Organization Debuts ‘International Clitoris Awareness Week’ Something about this story bugs me, but I can't put my finger on it

Hi kids..catch me tonight 3 am (sat morning for u ball busters) FNC: RED EYE.
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