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In Seoul we have built on President Obama’s groundbreaking 2010 Washington summit and his campaign to ‘lock down nuclear material’ over 4 years. In nuclear issues, information is power and that power in the wrong hands can be used to horrifying effect. That’s why the UK has been leading the way on the security of nuclear information.
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Yes, you don't want people knowing things. Best keep them in the dark.
we need peace and do something about all nuclear and other weapon finished
Only because we don't have the weapons ? We go with guy with the biggest stick .
I agree with you -- that information is power & that power is in the wrong hands.
But what is the definition of "wrong hands"
Vhaskar Mukherjee
As someone who is to young to vote, at 14 years old, I'm easliy influenced by the people around me, and their political veiws. It seems to me, that that no-one likes politicians, because they never do what people want. If the government were to have someone who came from a poor, working class background, someone who has had to live off benefits, and over taxing and the recession, someone like me, who can empathise with the poor, then the right desicions would be made and people would start liking politicians again. What do you think, Mr.Clegg?
Good , Dom , Keep thinking in that way . I am seventysix years old , a union member for many years working in the shipyards . We need more people to believe the workingman can run his own affairs . You don't have to have gone to Oxford to be intelligent.
I can not see that even Cameron , and his cronies being as stupid as that . It is a changing world , and we have to change with it .
If we stick with America we will be OK .
I really hope you are right , but I still have doubts.
Power in the wrong hands ? Hiroshima ?
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