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'City Deals' open to all Core Cities whether they have an elected mayor or not.
Do it your way – Deputy Prime Minister launches new 'City Deals'. 8 December 2011. Cities will be set free from the Whitehall leash to do things their way, under a dramatic shift in power, Dep...
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Manchester Council in charge of everything. God Help Us!
who cares about manchester united
+Nick Clegg With our economy tanking big time thanks to your mate's +David Cameron suicidal economic policies this sort of initiative, however laudable, is insignificant. Do the right thing, step down and call an early election. Your party and your career are as good as gone, it's a sunk cost, all you're doing now is delaying the inevitable.
Cracking plan eh???? So you can't blame yourselves!!!! Or am I just being cynical
you must be cynical i suppose
Grasping at straws ... more like closing the stable door when the horse has bolted!
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