This is an important step towards a society where it’s what you know, not who you know, that counts. Working with the Coalition, the biggest hitters in British business are helping lead the way to a fairer, more open society.
More than 100 of the biggest hitters in British business have signed the Government’s Business Compact and are opening their doors to people from all walks of life, ending the ‘who you know, not what ...
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Who you know not what you know, what a load of rubbish!!!, What about jobs for your mates within government, or un-elected peers, or the monarchy. Britain very much favors the few at the top.
Are they signing up to anything concrete or just those 4 things you listed on the website? Looks like a nice bit of tokenism that gives you something to do while you rent your MPs to the conservatives.
I'm sure I remember Tony Blair standing up several times to make grand-sounding speeches about turning Britain into a meritocracy. He ended up with a society that was more uneven than ever (although to be fair, if you had the merit to donate handsomely to the Labour Party, you probably got a knighthood). I doubt that anything's likely to be significantly different under Clegg/Cameron -- other than which party you have to give money to in return for honours.
Helping out the Family, Local Villages, Towns and Cities to be more self-sustaining, with nationalized public services centrally managed but locally provided - for example a local government office on every high street - where all benefits,employment needs and where any help needed from the state is dealt with by a single office.
A fully democratic Republic with no hereditary lords or monarch. To either reform the E.U into a working model or leave it completely. Greatly reduce our military spending and focus on Britain's defensive needs, these are all ways to have a fairer society, having big international business reform society will only lead to more greed and corruption.
The only way to sustainably do this is to demonopolise as much as possible. Institutions that are not meritocratic ultimately die when subjected to competition.
A good step, which might help some. But if you really want to aid social mobility you need fix the education system.
Keep up the good work involving people in their government, Nick. Democracy depends upon the involvement of the people in directing their governance by their own consent, rather than as it is in too many places, where the government dictates and enforces its will oppressively upon the citizens. Bless you, Sir!
+wren hastings if you want a reply then I suggest you use the official correspondence to access Nick ( I posted them in this thread: ), I also think if you remove the capitalisation and reflect on refining what you are asking maybe (I hope) you will find the process cathartic and developmental...

However your points appear to me to be flawed, please accept this as constructive feedback. Representing White British and Non-White British as 'in group' versus 'out group' divide is a false dichotomy and one that is both artificial and arbitory, people are people whatever their ethnic origin. Blaming a 'group' for another groups problems is scapegoating and as such divisive and abdicates ones own responsibility and sure seems like a grudge, I think more diversity is a positive outcome that make our nation stronger and as such is not a threat. Your position appears to me to based on a 'zero sum game' assumption about life, which I believe to be false. As reflection on the advantage of specialisation, 'win-win' outcomes the whole being greater than the sum of the parts through synergy means I reach a different conclusion.

Without meaning to patronise may I suggest further reflection on and and may be helpful...
lee south is a shit bag
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