Next week I’m leading the UK delegation to the Rio+20 Summit, two decades after the original Earth Summit. Back then world leaders agreed – for the first time ever – that development must not come at any cost. They recognised the dangers of making a dash for growth by hoovering up or destroying precious resources: you’ll only find yourself poorer in the end.
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Fairly good points there, and I like what you mentioned about a somewhat "GDP+" approach. Something like that is going to take a lot of collaboration with some huge public and private bodies getting involved. Good luck at Rio!
I agree that wealth takes many guises, not just accumulation of money. Wellbeing is important, quality of life the most important of all, as +Nick Clegg  alludes to in his blog post.

Which is more important - accumulating money, or improving your quality of life? (some people use money to improve their quality of life but too many just collect it).

If Mr Clegg genuinely believes what he's written in his blog post, why is he supporting a government which is systematically reducing the quality of life for millions in the UK, with spending cuts, in the name of saving money?

Why does he say world leaders need to recognise that wealth is about more than money, yet refuses to acknowledge this at home?

I had such hopes for his party at the last election. Now he, and his party, have no integrity left. Blog posts such as this are meaningless words, and in direct conflict with the actions his party members are taking.

Enjoy your tax-payer funded jaunt to Rio, +Nick Clegg and make the most of your time in office. We'll be paying the price - in both monetary and quality-of-life - long after you've gone.
I too am interested in the "GDP+" plan; I'd be very keen to know how  sustainability costs are going to be calculated and presented to the public, as I'm sure the massed media will simply scream "Green tax!" as they always do. Can we try and avoid that this time?
I'm very pleased to see that at least the DPM is keeping to his word and making Rio a priority. We need someone to keep the UK in the running!
If Nick Clegg is so worried , why is he consorting with the evil one ? 
The only people Hoovering up the worlds resources are those who profit from it. Rich multi national companies, billionaires, banks and governments. The general public only take what they need from the lands resources but in general they are the ones hit by the GREEN TAXES that should be paid by those truly plundering the earths plentiful resources for huge financial gain. A perfect example is fishing stocks which have been plentiful for fisherman for hundreds of thousands of years being plundered by factory fishing  ships stripping the seas of anything in their path. This in turn leaves nothing for the fishermen who just fish enough to make a living and have always fished legally and responsibly. Cleggy you are an unelected joke who will be gone very soon along with the other numpty Cameron  
Some time in the future the earth will collapse and look like a dried prune. What then ?
But I guess green economy needs to be encouraged further if seems the poorer of the world have been practicing it for so long without realizing it in the end the have been harming themselves by trying to adopt presumed civilized standards I guess the summit tries to harness and appreciate the basic way of life By encouraging efficiency through proper awareness of how the world is being harmed by man but the problem always lies in greedy people who manage the funds or projects of environment who put careers and Perosonal lives first with numerous research papers that impress readers but no action or practiced my plea to you sir is advise on keeping it simple and factual 
I might listen to these Liberal Democrats if they had ever been poor , and not able do what they wanted . 
I'm sorry, but you don't have to be black to be against racism, you don't have to be a woman to be in favour of feminism, and you don't have to be homosexual to support marriage equality. So of course you can have a comfortable life, or be outright rich, and still be out to help the poor, to suggest otherwise is just a tad conceited.
So +Nick Clegg what are your conclusions from your leadership of the UK's Rio delegation? 'Care to give us some feedback?
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