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Baby Hulk (?) 3 stories high artwork, Mulberry St, NYC

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This is not the central valley / delta I remember as a kid, lots of water then crops everywhere.  This is so sad

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Dumping Chrome due to its memory hogging antics, not sure what that's all about but other mac users have experienced the same thing.  Went back to Firefox and although I assumed I knew everything there is to know about everything, I learned so much from this little tutorial.  PINNED TABS!!! get outta here...    #firefox  

Hello, I'm working with a physician.  When I search for 'her name md google plus" the first hit is an unclaimed google plus page in a city from which she moved (no longer at this address / city).  There is another google plus page with her name, md that shows her correct address.  There is a third google plus page that lists the former name of her practice (her current city name OB/GYN) which was her business name for the last few years. 

She no longer wants to use the practice name online (city name OB/GYN) and rather be know by "her name MD".

We have three entries.  The old city pops up first in search for her google plus page, that one should be deleted

The other two google plus pages show the current location, one with her name and one with her practice name that she no longer wishes to use. 

How do we get this down to one google plus page for her using her name, MD (Mary Jones, MD) as the google plus name page? 


Hello! I'm working with a physician, we have verified her listing in google places (that listing appears on google Maps) however the only google+ page I find for her practice appears different (her name appears differently, street address)  than on the newly claimed Places/maps page.   If I have a claimed places site would that create a G+ page?  OR can I somehow tie the existing G+ page (which says it's unclaimed) to that newly claimed Places account?   Thanks

I'm helping a friend with her G+ page for her business however there are two separate G+ pages floating around out there for her business, one I believe set up by the person who set up her web page, the other possibly attached to her personal Google ID.  Is there a guide to show how to help determine what account a particular Google+  business page is assigned to?  specifically if we were to attempt a password reset how do we know what G+ account a particular page was created by? Sorry for the disjointed question but I'm not sure exactly how to ask my question.   My friend - business owner - has zero clue what I'm even talking about, doesn't know what Google+ is, no password records, etc..   Can we just wipe out the old pages and start over?   THANKS

Can someone recommend a good template for a physician's practice? (solo doctor practice)  Thanks!

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