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So...would you recommend IntelliJ over Eclipse + ADT? So far I have only used their Webstorm JS IDE...but getting away from Eclipse sounds intriguing.
Phil H
Oooh, the PERFECT reason to upgrade. I will download the trial and if it cuts the mustard, I'm in.
+Phil Haigh what do you plan to do with it...the free Community Edition might already do everything you want :D
Phil H
+Sebastian Mauer I use IDEA 11 Ultimate daily for my job and the only reason I use Eclipse is Android. Upgrading to 12 was always on the cards (or jumping to 13), this just means I'll give it a few days use over Christmas to see if it is up to the task.
I have never used Eclipse for Android development and have been using Idea full time for over 2 years. I have 5 apps in the market. It's up to the task!
Do you have to use the ADK when using IntelliJ?
Does it have the same graphical UI designer that comes with the eclipse at plugin
Please, where can I change the template for the entire application. I made it only for area of code. Thanks
What about Android + Maven...does that fly with IntelliJ?
hehe +Nick Butcher thanks for the hashtag ;) I saw an early demo several months ago of the designer. I'll have to take another look.
+Marcus Körner it reuses the underlying rendering engine and framework that we did for Eclipse* but the interactivity is their own (not sure if they look at how ours behave or not and if they did similar things)

* BTW I'm super happy about them reusing our work, we architectured it so that it could be reusable by other tools.
Great to know!

I downloaded the community version and will have a look at it. But i'm a big big fan of the Android Layout editor in eclipse as i'm usually doing tons of layouting there. Doubt that it fullfills my expectations as good ;)
+Sebastian Mauer yes, just import your Maven project by opening the pom.xml file. Multi-module projects work perfectly in IntelliJ as well. Best thing IMHO is the library project integration. No need to create library projects manually, like you do in Eclipse. IntelliJ simply does that for you! 
+Eric Coffman You need the Android SDK, you don't need the ADT-plugin (that's Eclipse only)... Hope that answers your question, since I am not sure what you mean by ADK? 
+Marcus Körner I full agree the layout editor in Eclipse is way better and the one reason I occasionally switch back to Eclipse... 
I'm switched from Eclipse to Idea 4 years ago and I'm using it for Java, Android and occasionally PHP. I checked Eclipse from time to time and I just missed the features that Idea has.
+Sebastian Mauer I've been using IntelliJ since I started Android development about 2 years ago and I've developed a few apps and an irc lib/bot with it. IntelliJ has never crashed for me (unlike Eclipse which would crash every 10 minutes). It's really fast and has great support for Android so I'd definitely suggest you try it out!
I can't seem to figure out how to set it up on my Mac. :(
Looks nice... wish I knew how to program java...
Android Java build and debug very slow!
How to use ndk to write android app without debuging on QEMU?
+petar petrov Support for git and github. 
A better alternative to Xamarin/C#?
I would be more excited if I knew what the hell it did or what it was!?
I have no idea what you people are rambling on about... ÷)
Just switched from eclipse a few weeks back, love it. New updates always welcome :)
Trying this out this weekend. Looks good. I have been enjoying eclipse more and more as time passes though.
yay! I love the dark, it's so much easier to stare at for hours of coding. The light themes are a big part of what drive me away from IDEs and back to emacs.
I hope that android developers will finally start using IDEA instead of shitty Eclipse, the worst IDE I’ve ever seen! Anyway, I still love NetBeans (at least for JEE), but it has very limited Android support so IDEA is the number one for Android.
Just installed it. The Darcula theme is beautiful.
Rio H
I'm Still prefer xcode compiler
Eclipse+ADT is far more better than IntelliJ IDEA.
I have tried both.
IntelliJ IDEA is sluggish to build the project, and not so fast for developing android apk, Eclipse create full customize files and folder structure for the Android Project.
I'm surprised we haven't heard from the other brand of programmers: the elites.

Well REAL programmers use emacs.
Java? Pft. Everyone knows that [super vague language nobody uses and is maintained by a single person] is the only good language.
You call that programming? That's just a bunch of magical wizards that do it for you.REAL programming consists of using butterfly wings to influence the atmosphere, focusing the suns rays and changing individual bits on the harddisk.
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