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Today on Android Design in Action, +Marco Paglia and +Owen Otto from the Android design team at Google joined +Roman Nurik and me to take us through the recent redesign of the Google Play suite of apps.

Marco took us through the thinking behind the redesign, covering:
• Their goal to create a consistent, content driven design across mobile devices and the web
• Use of the card pattern to represent a single atomic entity [read more on this here]
• Using proximity to group cards into clusters and adapting to different canvases
• How layouts respond to different devices, maintaining information hierarchy
• How the common design language creates a familiar suite of applications

Owen then took a deep dive on how the Google Play Music app applied these principles; demonstrating:
• Designing for everything at once rather than mobile first
• Thinking about a portrait phone and a landscape tablet simultaneously to force you to consider scale
• How content can scale up to larger devices without having to introduce multiple panes [micro reflow]
• How awesome Nordic Metal is
• Using rotating image carousels rather than trying to pack multiple images into a design
• How individual elements, like the Now Playing bar, optimize themselves to respond to a given amount of space

Roman and I then quizzed them on:
• How do you practically design for multiple form factors at once?
• How do you communicate your designs to engineers?
• What was the thinking behind the really innovative use of the Action Bar?

Slides are attached below and you can watch the episode on YouTube here: Android Design in Action: Google Play Redesign

A deep dive on the responsive elements in the Play Store app by +Kirill Grouchnikov can be found here:

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Amazing, thanks for sharing it Nick, I want to watch it later.

PS: The Nexus 4 screenshot of Music app is a little weird hahah
With this Card system I can't read album and tracks' names, long names of apps, movies and books, they cuted. It's feel too photo-oriented. Are you sure that cards are universal for all of this content types? 
And this card system looks no so good on 4' devices as on your HD tablet screens. 
Does anybody know how to put image inside the card without any border so that the borders are rounded as the card on one side ? Can it be done without manipulating Bitmap ?
Great, but why did the Play Movies app never get a refresh?
Very cool that you guys got access to the Google's design teams! Their insight to design is really interesting as well as valuable. 
(that's not to say that I don't like the stock ADiAs as well :)
Really interesting that you talked about using the brand color for touch feedback too. It really bugs me this isn't done in the Play Store app (or in any other Google App, except for the Play apps).

I'm unable to watch the video for this on my tablet from the ADIA app. I receive a message that says: There was a problem with the network [404]. I can view the slides for this & other videos in the app. I've restarted my tablet, along with restarting my modem & router.

Love the app & thanks in advance for any assistance.
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