Today on Android Design in Action, +Marco Paglia and +Owen Otto from the Android design team at Google joined +Roman Nurik and me to take us through the recent redesign of the Google Play suite of apps.

Marco took us through the thinking behind the redesign, covering:
• Their goal to create a consistent, content driven design across mobile devices and the web
• Use of the card pattern to represent a single atomic entity [read more on this here]
• Using proximity to group cards into clusters and adapting to different canvases
• How layouts respond to different devices, maintaining information hierarchy
• How the common design language creates a familiar suite of applications

Owen then took a deep dive on how the Google Play Music app applied these principles; demonstrating:
• Designing for everything at once rather than mobile first
• Thinking about a portrait phone and a landscape tablet simultaneously to force you to consider scale
• How content can scale up to larger devices without having to introduce multiple panes [micro reflow]
• How awesome Nordic Metal is
• Using rotating image carousels rather than trying to pack multiple images into a design
• How individual elements, like the Now Playing bar, optimize themselves to respond to a given amount of space

Roman and I then quizzed them on:
• How do you practically design for multiple form factors at once?
• How do you communicate your designs to engineers?
• What was the thinking behind the really innovative use of the Action Bar?

Slides are attached below and you can watch the episode on YouTube here: Android Design in Action: Google Play Redesign

A deep dive on the responsive elements in the Play Store app by +Kirill Grouchnikov can be found here:

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Android Design in Action: Google Play Redesign
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