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If you were at the Google #io14 Design Sandbox area you may've picked up a printed kit with postcards of the material design principles. If you didn't and are attending I/O, make sure you stop by and grab one tomorrow!

For those of you tuning in from home, check out these excerpt pages in the gallery below.
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You'll lot have been extremely busy. Nice work
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This is material design.

When we started building for the first mobile devices, mobile meant less: less screen space, slower connection, fewer features. A mobile experience was often a lesser experience. But mobile devices have evolved—they have become more powerful, faster, and more intuitive—so must our approach to design.

And as Google, including the Android platform, expands into new form factors, we’re introducing one consistent design that spans devices across mobile, desktop, and beyond. Today at #io14 , we introduced material design, which uses tactile surfaces, bold graphic design, and fluid motion to create beautiful, intuitive experiences…
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that's what we need!
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Nick Butcher

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Fun #Android  quiz from +Ars Technica.  Kinda annoyed that I only scored 80%!  What do you get?
25 questions to test your knowledge of Google's mobile OS.
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hey nick,
i m using tab host and navigation drawer on one activity though the drawer is working but it is not getting onItemClickListener(). can u tell me is possible or not
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Nick Butcher

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Sign up below if you're coming to #io14 and would like us to review your app!
UX and Design Review of Your App at Google I/O #io14   #design  

This year at Google I/O we're offering UX and design reviews of your apps and sites, live at the Design Sandbox area. From Android apps to websites, Google Cast to Glass, we have the right people on hand to help you take your projects to the next level. 

Just fill in the form at and we'll let you know when to be at the sandbox. See you at I/O!
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I live in Iran and being at #io is one of my dreams, wish you all the best at there;)
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Nick Butcher

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Hello World

I'm incredibly proud to introduce Jessica Mae Butcher.  She's keeping us busy with a very different kind of I/O at the moment.  Normal social media operations will resume when things settle down (in around ~18 years i'm told).
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Congratulations Nick! To me, my son is the best thing I have ever done! Enjoy parenthood...
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Nick Butcher

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An Alternative Fragment Transition Animations Implementation

A common[1] pattern[2] is emerging[3] for doing a view translation animation in #Android  based on percentage using the new property-based animators.  This comes from a desire to mimic the "precent relative" behavior from the old animation system.  It seems that, most often, the use case is tied to fragment transitions.

The crux of this pattern is to subclass the root view of your fragment's hierarchy and provide additional setters/getters for a new view "property" called X/Yfraction.  Then you can declare a basic ObjectAnimator with the new propertyName in XML.  This works well, and I've used this technique also.

However, sometimes the requirement of adding a subclass for every ViewGroup type you want to use in a fragment may not fit well with your code.  What I've provided in the linked gist is a method of using custom Property elements to provide the same functionality to any View hierarchy.

So, then, how would we attach these new properties to the fragment transition?  We can't reference new property types in animation XML (yet), so we have to add a little code via Fragment.onCreateAnimator() to return the appropriate animation for the transition using our custom property.

"Uh, Dave...that still requires subclassing."  True, but in almost all cases you already subclassed Fragment, you may not have already created custom views.

The other drawback to this approach is that we can't define the Animator elements in XML, we have to do this in Java code to attach an instance to our new Property.

I won't argue this method as better or worse than what you've already seen.  However, if making custom root views doesn't fit your application's paradigm, here's an alternative that perhaps you will find useful :)


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+Simon Lightfoot thx, but I know that. But it would be nice to be able to use Animators with SupportFragments to begin with.
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Nick Butcher

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Want to quickly see how to update your app for Material? Watch my I/O video.
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Nick Butcher

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Say hello to +Google Design
Design is the art of considered creation. Our goal as designers is to satisfy the diverse spectrum of human needs. As those needs evolve, so too must our designs, practices, and philosophies.

Hello world, we’re Google Design, and we’re here to share our stories and ideas about design throughout Google—from how Google search evolved, and continues to evolve, to our latest ideas on #materialdesign, an approach to experience design that we announced earlier today at #io14.

We’re also here to listen to your stories and ideas, and to help you, the designer and developer, create amazing products for your users on platforms like Android and the web. After all, design is a conversation, and great design is inherently collaborative.

And as the design conversation evolves here on Google+, we’re going to collect the key principles and the best stories on, a new web property that brings it all together, from design specifications, to inspiring videos, all in one convenient location. Check it out by following the link below.
A site for Google design guidelines, resources and job opportunities
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now i finally can argue and force Richard to get the shadow stuff away from our little project. After 3 years. Yay.
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Check out +Chris Banes's latest project – really interesting, clean architecture.
Philm is now open source! #AndroidDev  
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The #io14  app is now available for your scheduling pleasure.  Hope that you like the updated design :)

The official Google I/O 2014 app was built to be your co-pilot to navigate ...
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Is there an app that gathers all of Google IO's videos , so that we can watch them all ? 
I've noticed that many of the previous websites are now gone (yet 2008 is still there for some reason) , yet some of them really had good lectures, which are still relevant today.
I've made some playlists (only of Android-related videos) on Youtube for all of them , if anyone wants:
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Nick Butcher

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We're excited to announce that Google I/O Extended London 2014 will be held in Google Campus and local venue XOYO, for our biggest Extended event yet!

Join us on June 25th & 26th for a 2-day event of developer sessions, inspirational showcases and a few surprises. As usual we'll kick off at 4pm on Day 1 to watch Google's I/O Keynote live from San Francisco.

Registration is not open yet and we'll have plenty more details to follow - check back soon and we'll be happy to answer any questions here. What would you most like to see at I/O Extended 2014?
Google in partnership with GDGs, Londroid and The Three Beards invite you to  join us for a screening of Google's annual developer conference I/O on June 25th & 26th. Due to popular demand I/OX London will be expanding for the Day 1 Keynotes to local venue XOYO to open I/O to the wider tech community. *Campus London* (Capacity 300) Google's hub for UK Startups will again host I/O Extended, screening Keynotes and sessions over 3 floors. Campus w...
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Looks like a pretty great list of libraries for  #AndroidDev
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Increment every day
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